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you can now turn any surface into touchscreen using spray paint

by:Toponetech     2020-04-13
The practical trick is to simply apply a conductive coating or material to an object or surface, or to make an object using a conductive material.
Scientists have developed a new technology that can change any surface.
Wall furniture and steering wheel included
Use a simple tool like a paint spray can to enter the touch screen.
The \"trick\", the researchers say, is to apply a conductive coating or material to an object or surface, or to make an object using a conductive material.
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States show that they can use a series of electrodes by connecting them to conductive materials.
Known techniques are called electric field tomography, which is used to detect the position of the finger touch.
Chris Harrison, assistant professor at Carnegie Institute for Human Studies, said: \"We were able to get a can of paint for the first time and install touch screens on almost anything
Institute of Computer InteractionHCII).
Up to now, large touch surfaces are expensive, irregular in shape, or flexible touch surfaces can only be obtained in research laboratories.
Some methods rely on computer vision and computer vision can be destroyed if the view of the camera on the table is blocked.
The appearance of the camera has also caused privacy problems.
By means of a new technology known as profick, conductive touch surfaces can be made by applying conductive coatings, bulk plastics or carbon
Load film in other materials.
Yang Zhang, a PhD student at HCII, said that Popick can be used by enthusiasts as well as compatible with common manufacturing methods such as spraying, vacuum molding and casting/molding, as well as 3D printing.
Like many touch screens, mobilick relies on the diversion effect
When the finger touches the TouchPad, it diverts a little bit of current to the ground.
By connecting multiple electrodes to the periphery of an object or conductive coating, Zhang and his colleagues demonstrated that they could locate at the location and time at which this diversion occurred.
They use electric field tomography.
Run a small amount of current in pairs through the electrode and record it. The trade-
The researchers say the accuracy is turned off compared to other touch input devices.
Mr. Zhang said that the lucick can detect 1 cm accuracy in the position of the finger touch, which is enough to use the touch surface as a button, slider, or other control.
Zhang, Harrison, and Gierad Laput, another HCII doctoral student, were 4-by-8-
The foot pieces of the drywall, as well as various objects such as the steering wheel and guitar surface.
The technology is used to make an interactive smartphone case.
Open the app according to the way the user holds the phone, such as the camera
And a game controller that can change the position and combination of buttons and sliders depending on the game being played or the player\'s preferences.
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