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Why touch screen vending machines are becoming more and more popular

Why touch screen vending machines are becoming more and more popular


Before the touch screen appeared, if you go to a shopping mall or in a commercial street, you may see all kinds of vending machines that are square cabinet machines, and they usually only support coins and banknotes. But now, you will find that most vending machines have changed a lot. The bright and clean screen seems to make the machines more pretty, coupled with the exquisite advertisements that are played non-stop, the fashionable atmosphere is compelling. At vending machine exhibitions in recent years, the touch screen of the vending machine has become the industry standard.


Why are there so many touch screen vending machines? In fact, with the development of the mobile Internet, touch screen vending machines are bound to be a trend. The main reasons are the following three points:

vending machine 

1. Advertising revenue is too attractive.

Merchants can not only direct the flow of passengers to their own online mall channels to realize monetization, but they can also rent out advertising spaces to third parties to make a full profit! And merchants can monitor the operation of each vending machine in real time, using big data to analyze the effect of advertising push, adjust the programs and broadcast dynamics of the vending machine advertising exhibition in time, and bring the value of advertising to an ideal state.


2. The catalysis of a new payment model.

The development of the mobile Internet has given birth to more convenient and smart payment methods. Touch screen vending machines not only support QR code payment, but also payment methods based on facial recognition, and even sonic payment! These emerging payment methods are not only convenient and safe, but also support human-computer interaction, attracting more new generations of consumers. The touch screen combined with mobile payment makes it more convenient for consumers to pay and merchants can obtain richer operating data and save labor costs.


3. Human-computer interaction enhances user stickiness.

Based on the touch screen, businesses can open up a lot of interesting gameplay. After consumption, consumers can participate in various interesting activities and win generous gifts. When shopping in entertainment, businesses have grasped the social needs of users, set up interesting activities, attracted a large number of new generation consumers, and increased user stickiness.

The above is the analysis of the reasons for so many touch screen vending opportunities on the market. The most important part of a good touch screen vending machine is its touch screen. Vending machine manufacturers can not ignore the touch screen accessories with powerful performance and good experience. TOP ONE TECH has been focusing on the production and supply of touch screens for more than ten years. It has mature touch solutions experience and is worthy of the attention of vending machine manufacturers.

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