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Why led display brightness is not the same as the led display screen have off color

by:Toponetech     2021-02-07
A good led display, first of all, to adapt to the environment temperature, the weather is not the same, can have normal use in a variety of places is necessary, and for display and brightness also needs to have a very good visual effect, especially in very large concert, special effects lighting need special good to meet the needs of the occasion, but sometimes, we will find that the led display will appear off color, then the led display appear off color is due to what reason? Small make up warm reminder again, causing a full-color touch display brightness is different because the luminous element and two factors driving element, the result of joint action. Luminous element also is what we call led light-emitting diodes (leds), in the process of production of light emitting diode brightness inconsistent is inevitable, but the factory is in commonly after finished production diode will step on diode, in general the smaller the gap between the adjacent two brightness, so the higher brightness consistency, but it will cause the phenomenon of low yield and high inventory, therefore, every manufacturer of the adjacent two brightness control at about twenty percent. Driving element is generally constant current chips, such as the MBI5026 etc, there are some chips containing 16 constant current driver output, output value can be set with the resistance to the current, the same chip output error should be controlled within three percent, not the same as the output error of the chip also must be controlled within six percent. We meet with brightness is not consistent, don't try so hard, we can directly contact merchants or require manufacturers to solve. 214 on a led display is driven to scan a led module, how to correctly use
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