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Why is the led display screen widely optimistic?

by:Toponetech     2021-05-24
Why are led displays so widely optimistic? The first is the large market volume. At present, LCD screens are a familiar display form. In addition, there are two mainstream technologies: projectors and LED displays. Although LCD splicing can meet certain large screen needs, it has the disadvantages of splicing gaps and inability to use indoors. , Let the LED screen in the open air environment, there are great application prospects. Transportation, hotel, retail, medical, performances. Various industries such as aviation have a demand for large screens. At present, many of these needs need to be met by LED displays.
Installation safety of stage
The installation safety of stage screen can be started from the cabinet and installation arrangement structure. For the cabinet, the future trend of lightweight unconsciousness. Such as the use of light and thin cabinets, or the use of new materials such as carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, and nano-polymer unique materials, greatly reducing the weight and thickness of the LED electronic display cabinet. The key to making the cabinet thinner and lighter is to reduce the weight of the building and the truss, which is convenient for handling, storage, installation and disassembly. The arrangement structure of the stage touch display is also very important. The modular cabinet adopts a stable and reliable installation structure to ensure resistance to strong wind and heavy rain. The installation connection point needs to be easy to identify whether the installation is in place, so that problems can be discovered in time and prevent problems before they occur. Stage installation cannot blindly pursue low prices, and should choose professional stage touch display manufacturers.
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