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Why is it generally capacitive touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-06-22
Contemporary electronic touch products adopt more is capacitive touch screen, is this why? What are the advantages of capacitive touch screen? The advantage of the capacitive touch screen mainly include: 1. Novel operation. Supports multi-touch capacitive touch screen, the operation is more intuitive, more interesting. 2. Not by accident. Due to the capacitive touch screen need current of induction to the human body, only to the human body, touch with other object will not be appropriate, so basically avoided by accident. 3. High durability. Compared with resistive touch screens, capacitive touch screen in dustproof, waterproof, wear-resisting, etc have better performance. As current as the red touch screen technology, although the capacitive touch screen is luxuriant, multi-touch interface, only the advantages of the induction to the human body.
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