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Why does the led display use a video processor

by:Toponetech     2021-06-09
Abstract:    Recently, many customers have asked why the full-color LED screen has to use a video processor. It is not an exaggeration to say that the quality of the video processor directly determines the display effect of the full-color LED display.  1, motion compensation    relates to motion compensation for slow images and fast images. Good motion compensation technology can greatly reduce the problem of many customers recently asking why LED full-color screens must use video processors. It is not an exaggeration to say that the pros and cons of video processors directly determine a display of full-color LED display. effect.  1, motion compensation    relates to motion compensation for slow images and fast images. Good motion compensation technology can well reduce the jagged edge of moving images during full-color touch display.    2, de-interlacing    video signal is better to reduce the bandwidth, so it is necessary to use interlaced scanning technology to increase the resolution. At this time, the full-color screen needs to preprocess the interlaced signal. It handles the interlaced scanning technology well and eliminates the line-drawing effect during live broadcasting and shooting.    3, zoom    full-color screen usually adopts modular design and splicing display, because it is the most flexible display product among all flat panel display media. But this kind of product also has some drawbacks, that is, flexibility will be slightly slowed down, especially the display resolution of each engineering application is difficult to find in the standard. Therefore, the video processor is particularly required to provide the zoom function.    4, image reduction    The dot matrix resolution of general display screen engineering applications is below 1024*768). The video processor is required to be able to reduce the input signals to the resolution of the corresponding terminal, and the video processing equipment is required to have the function of pixel-by-pixel scaling. 5. Image enlargement Due to the rapid progress of more and more engineering applications such as advertising volume, the resolution of full-color LED displays is no longer limited to the conventional resolution, and some engineering applications have even reached the level of 2048 points. Similar to these applications, it is necessary for the video processor to have image magnification processing technology, and the internal processing bandwidth of the video processor can reach or exceed the dot matrix area in atypical applications.    6. Noise suppression      Due to the dot matrix characteristics of full-color LED display, insignificant noise in other flat panel display media will greatly challenge the psychological tolerance of LED display audiences. The noise mainly comes from the compression noise of the video signal and the random noise of the system itself. An excellent video processor can reduce the interference of noise to the image quality itself through noise suppression. led electronic display electronic display
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