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Why does the led display catch fire?

by:Toponetech     2021-04-11
Abstract: Nowadays, there are many kinds of led display screens, which dazzles many customers. Nowadays, there are so many kinds of touch display screens, which dazzles many customers. Major commercial plazas have installed LED outdoor display screens for advertising. However, the quality of products is uneven, leading to frequent safety problems caused by screens, and fires are the main frequent problem. Why does the led display catch fire? First, the power cord: the quality of the wires on the market is neat and uneven. Many of the wire spools are copper-clad aluminum, and the surface looks like a copper wire. In practice, it is an aluminum alloy wire; this kind of wire is generally used for temporary use, and basically cannot be used. On the right track product. There are also questions about the copper quality of the copper wire, the question about the insulation layer, and the question about the size of the wire (generally, it is required to be equipped with more than 1.2 times the maximum power of the display). These questions only need to ignore one of these questions, and hidden dangers will be buried. The current great catastrophe; second, power supply: use inferior power supply, or maximum limit to use the extra power of the power supply, which causes the power supply to temporarily overload the task (normally only 70% of the extra power of the power supply can be used), and then the power supply The poor quality of the wire terminal and the weak warfare can all be the reasons for the hidden dangers of vigilance; third, the PCB board: its own material is inferior, the copper coating is too thin, the plan is unreasonable, and the poor craftsmanship causes the copper wire to have burrs, etc. A short circuit will occur and become the source of hidden fire hazards; fourth, the heat dissipation system. When led display screens work at high temperatures, heat dissipation problems become the first to be dealt with. If the cooling air duct plan is unreasonable, it is easy to cause dust to collect on the main shaft, power supply and main board of the electric fan, resulting in poor heat dissipation, short circuit of electronic components, and stuck electric fan, which may cause vigilance. Next, let's take a look at the various heat dissipation of LEDs: 1. Fan heat dissipation. Use long-life and high-efficiency fans inside the lamp housing to enhance heat dissipation. This is a common method with low cost and good effect; 2. Using aluminum heat sink fins, which is The most common way to dissipate heat is to use aluminum fins as part of the housing to increase the heat dissipation area; 3. Aerodynamics, using the shape of the lamp housing to create convective air, which is the lowest cost method of enhancing heat dissipation; 4. Surface radiation Heat dissipation treatment, the surface of the lamp shell is treated with radiation heat. The simpler is to apply radiation heat dissipation paint, which can take the heat away from the surface of the lamp shell by radiation; 5. Integrated heat and heat dissipation-the use of high thermal conductivity ceramics, the lamp shell heat dissipation The purpose is to reduce the working temperature of the LED high-definition display chip. Since the expansion coefficient of the LED chip is very different from the expansion coefficient of our usual metal heat conduction and heat dissipation materials, the LED chip cannot be directly welded to avoid high and low temperature thermal stresses from damaging the . Chip; 6, heat pipe heat dissipation, using heat pipe technology to conduct heat from the chip to the shell heat dissipation fins;. 7. The thermally conductive plastic shell is filled with thermally conductive material when the plastic shell is injection molded to increase the thermal conductivity and heat dissipation capacity of the plastic shell. 【Glass screen】【Transparent screen】【LED electronic display screen】
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