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Why do you want to choose a capacitive touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-06-21
In many kinds of touch screen, why popular capacitive touch screen, let's look at the difference between several kinds of touch screen. Capacitive touch screen capacitive touch screen is a kind of transparent relative positioning system, first of all, it must be transparent, transparent technology to solve the achievement is the process of course material. Second is that it can give his finger in the relative coordinates, and the mouse belongs to the relative positioning system. Relative coordinate system is characteristic of the coordinates of each location and last positioning it doesn't matter, the coordinates of the touch screen on the physical is a set of independent coordinate positioning system, converting each time the location of the touch screen coordinates. Touch screen of the basic things as follows: the touch screen is the nature of the sensor, the user touch device with fingers or other objects in the indicator on the touch screen, by touch location coordinates by touch screen controller detection, communication interface and course process ( The analogy of S - 232 c or RS 485 serial port) Will touch information transmitted to the PLC, thus obtain input information. Such as diffuse the capacitive touch screen tea table of cultural production, high touch sensitive, support 4 - 12 people operating at the same time, suitable for widely used in restaurants, theaters, office buildings, leisure clubs, coffee shops, beauty center, KTV, bars, and many other fields. Touch screen touch touch film and nano membrane, English name iFoil or interactive foil or touch foil or Touchfilm, is a kind of transparent film, or through the base ( Refers to the nonmetallic substrates, including glass, acrylic, wood, plastic, etc. ) Accurate perception of the touch of a man's hand, is the core of the touchscreen device such as a precise positioning components, nervous solve the precise positioning touch achievement. The PET film ( Polyethylene terephthalate, a kind of high temperature resistance, resistance to degradation of the transparent flexible plastic) And the wire ( Refers to the preparation of ultrafine metal nanoparticles sintering wire) , control circuit and driver software, stress four parts. X axis nanowires and Y axis of the wire, according to certain rules by digital automation equipment to the packaging within the PET film, thus constitute think matrix, each metric unit is a proximity sensor, can or different azimuth of touch perception, holographic touch feel matrix, the matrix units will be perceived by touch feel matrix flag signal input to the control chip, again by eliminating noise control chip, and will effectively touch the flag led to grassroots driver software, so as to achieve accurate positioning, trigger action, realize the function of the touch. Infrared touch screen infrared touch screen is the use of X, Y direction with infrared matrix to detect and locate the user's touch. Infrared touch screen in front of the said device device is a circuit board frame, circuit boards and around the screen configuration infrared transmitting tube and infrared receiving tube, one to one correspondence into bearing cross infrared matrix. User when touching the screen, the fingers will pass by blocking the position relation of two infrared, is able to or or or conclude that the location of the touch point on the screen. Touch screen, is a highly integrated electronic road integration products. Infrared touch screen consists of a complete integrated control circuit, and a set of high accuracy and anti-interference infrared transmitting tube and a set of infrared receiving tube, cross device in highly integrated circuit board on the two opposite directions, make a invisible infrared grating. Embedded in the control circuit of the intelligent control system continuously to diodes pulse infrared partial beam grating. When touch objects such as fingers into the grating, blocking the light beam. Intelligent control system will detect the loss of the light to change, and transfer the flags lights to the control system, to confirm the X axis and Y axis coordinate values. Three each have each good, infrared than nano technology mature, response time to a few microseconds, but nano live longer than the infrared, and nanometer do in tea table is water-proof, dust explosion-proof products compare! And more portable. Capacitive touch sensitivity than nanometer high some, is not affected by the light environment, and capacitance do in product than nano tea table high sensitivity, explosion-proof sex is stronger, more stable performance.
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