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Why do you need to run an industrial touch all-in-one computer in a high and low temperature environment?

Why do you need to run an industrial touch all-in-one computer in a high and low temperature environment?


Ordinary commercial computers are prone to failures when working in high temperature or low temperature environments, especially in complex and harsh industrial environments, the probability of computer failures will be higher. In this case, it is necessary to use an industrial touch integrated computer. Why? Let's first understand the impact of high temperature and low temperature on ordinary computers?

17.3 inch Touch all-in-one computer

1. Computer temperature is too high: Heat reduces the resistance of components, which increases the current flowing through sensitive components. This increased electrical load not only generates more heat, but can deteriorate components over time.


Heat can damage and reduce battery efficiency, especially with computers and other devices. Heat can also affect the platters on a hard drive, potentially rendering data unusable or corrupt. Extreme temperatures can even melt solder, potentially causing motherboard parts to  come off.

2. Computer temperature is too low: cooling circuits expand and deform under sudden bursts of heat and electricity when powered on; components made of liquid crystals freeze and shatter; low temperatures cause hard drives to use hydrodynamic bearings to spin physical hard disks platters, if the fluid in the bearings thickens, the platters spin more slowly and the computer writes and retrieves data at a very slow rate; low temperatures create more condensation inside the computer, a condition that can cause device shorts and corrosion.


Too high and too low temperatures will affect the operation of the computer, so ordinary computers are not suitable for use in industrial environments. Rugged industrial touch all-in-one computers or fanless industrial computers can run at high and low temperatures, solving the problem of frequent failures when using computers at high and low temperatures in industrial environments.

32 Inch industrial Touch all-in-one Computer

3. Industrial touch all-in-one computers are usually designed to be fanless, which means that the cooling system of the device does not require moving parts. Fans are relatively small and fragile, while fanless industrial touch all-in-one computers do not rely on their fans and are typically constructed of highly durable military-grade components that can handle a wider temperature range. Because industrial touch all-in-one computers use low-power components that are specifically designed to prevent overheating, they generally don't get too hot.


It can be seen that ordinary computers are prone to failure in high temperature or low temperature environments, while industrial touch all-in-one computers have relatively stable performance and can adapt to high and low temperature environments. Therefore, industrial touch all-in-one computers should be used in extreme temperatures.

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