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Why do I need to stick a layer of glass on the touch monitor? -Top One Tech

Why do I need to stick a layer of glass on the touch monitor? -Top One Tech


Do you know why there is a layer of glass on the touch monitor? Below Top One Tech will give you a brief introduction.

The display imaging principle of the touch monitor is: image cannot be displayed without LCD screen. To be precise, this thing is called polarizer (English abbreviation: PLZ), which is a kind of filter light. The display imaging of touch display must rely on polarizer. All liquid crystals have two polarizers at the front and back. Therefore, a liquid crystal sheet with a thickness of 1.5-2.8MM is formed. Without a polarizer, there would be no sparkle in the liquid wafer. Therefore, polarizer is a key component for making touch displays.

LCD touch monitor

Without polarizer, you can't see anything from the LCD screen, because when the LCD screen is working, after the light is filtered from the X direction or the Y direction, a parallel light will be left, and the naked eye can't see any display at all.

This product is a soft and thin material. If there are scratches, thorns, abrasions, etc., it cannot be used in production, so be careful when using it. Although some broken pieces will not affect the overall display effect, the appearance does not look good. So do not deliberately press, scratch, stab it.

In this way, that kind of soft thing, called polarizer, is used to rotate light and develop with liquid crystal.

When making the LCD panel, first coat two ordinary glass sheets with a layer of film (ITO transparent material), then coat the four sides of the two sheets with sealant, then press them in position, and then inject liquid crystal between the two sides of the glass, close the liquid crystal port, and then  stick the polarizer on the both sides of the glass. The light in the same direction cannot be filtered out. For example: if the lower polarizer filters light in the X direction, the upper layer must filter the light in the Y direction. If the upper and lower polarizers have the same filter angle, then when the LCD screen is working, the naked eye cannot see any display, but actually the display is still working.

The above is the answer to why glass is attached to the touch monitor I hope it will help you~

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