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Why do full-color led display brightness inconsistent

by:Toponetech     2021-01-29
Why outdoor full-color touch display brightness, what reason be cause? Small make up to tell you again, cause the reason of not uniform of the brightness of the led display mainly because the luminous element and drives the original of the two factors. Light is the original led light-emitting tube, brightness is not consistent in the production process is inevitable, but the led display manufacturers take countermeasures is after the completion of a production step will touch display, the brightness of the adjacent two gear gap is smaller, the better the consistency will be, but the cause of low yield and high inventory phenomenon more and more serious. Therefore, every manufacturer of the adjacent two file control brightness difference is around twenty percent. And what we call the driving element is usually constant current driver chip, the chip inside with the constant current drive of the stability of the sixteen output, can use resistance value output circuit, single chip each output error control within three percent commonly, but different general control chip output error within six percent. In addition, we need to pay attention to the led display brightness, is also the main cause of the display screen flower, flower screen phenomenon cannot use late correction to solve, only through the led display screen manufacturers to implement manufacturing process. So buy inconsistent to the brightness of led display, to contact manufacturers or merchants to solve the problem. 214 on a 4 and the led display screen flower phenomenon under a how to maintain the outdoor led display how to extend the life of the led display
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