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Why do capacitive touch screens need to be customized?

Why do capacitive touch screens need to be customized?


The capacitive touch screen is a product used with LCD, mainly to make LCD have touch function, making it more convenient to operate. Only when the capacitive touch screen and LCD are matched with each other can the best touch effect be achieved.

So why do some capacitive touch screens need to be molded and customized? Because this is to adapt to more non-conventional sizes and shapes of LCD. If the LCD is molded, the cost is too high. When a TFT is produced, the mold cost is about hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the cost of opening a capacitive touch screen will be greatly reduced. It may be tens of thousands of dollars to mold a capacitive touch screen that best matches your needs. The customized capacitive touch screen is unique. Yes, you can add your own company's LOGO, add silkscreen, and choose your favorite border color.

The design of the structure can be completely consistent. It is not necessary to customize the structure according to the size of the capacitive touch screen but to customize the capacitive touch screen according to the structure so that the most perfect product can be made. Because each customer's terminal product design is different, the structure is different, and the final size and structure of the capacitive touch screen will be different. Therefore, the capacitive touch screen basically needs to be customized.

The process of opening the mold and proofing of the capacitive touch screen: 

First, the customer provides the requirements and size of the capacitive touch screen (the customer can provide the specification and size sketch of the capacitive touch screen).

Second, we tailor a set of the most suitable plan for the customer according to the customer's needs and evaluate the mold fee and the unit price of the capacitive touch screen. If the customer is not satisfied with this plan, our company will reproduce the plan separately. If the plan is satisfied, the mold contract will be signed, then the customer pays the mold fee.

Third, our company arranges engineers to issue formal capacitive screen drawings to customers for confirmation. The formal capacitive screen drawings will take about 3-5 days. After the customer confirms the drawings, our company will start the mold proofing according to the drawings confirmed by the customer, arrange to make the capacitive touch screen cover glass, and the sensor, and then fit the entire capacitive touch screen. Samples can be produced within 14 working days. Finally, we will provide the best capacitive touch screen samples to customers for testing.

Last but not least, after the customer has completed the test and confirmed that there are no problems, the order can be placed and mass production can be carried out. The more mass production, the cost of mold opening can be greatly reduced.

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