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Why are touch all-in-ones so popular in various industries?

by:Toponetech     2021-10-23
In this era of technological progress, the development of society is also at an ascending stage, bringing many changes to our lives. Due to the country’s strong support for emerging industries in recent years, coupled with the continuous maturity and improvement of electronic touch technology, the touch all-in-one industry has only emerged in just a few years, and the market has become very popular, in many places in various industries. All can see the application of touch all-in-one, and the market prospect is broad. Although the shape of the all-in-one touch machine looks similar to the ordinary all-in-one computer, because of its wider application field and more professional and pertinent functions, the production process is more strict than that of the general all-in-one computer. The quality requirements of raw materials are also higher. The touch all-in-one machine integrates multiple functions such as computers, TVs, touch screens, multimedia, and the Internet, and is also used in many fields. In the history of Rongguan’s development, annual sales have continued to rise. From the above data, more and more companies purchase touch all-in-ones for the following reasons: 1. Information diversification. The product is through touch screens and LCD screens. , An interactive multimedia machine composed of computers can fully realize the informatization required by the country and people. Users can touch and click to communicate with businesses, schools, governments, etc. through the Internet, and quickly respond to people's needs for information. 2. Energy-saving and environmental protection Rongguan is the first manufacturer to use industrial-grade LED liquid crystal displays as materials and equipment. It reduces power consumption while also reducing light pollution. It does not sting people’s eyes like electronic whiteboards and does not want old technology. The LCD screen is not bright enough. 3. Large-size appearance and touch screen technology Infrared touch screen technology is becoming more and more mature, so that large sizes are no longer restricted, from 19 inches to 98 inches can be directly realized on a machine, while the technology has developed to 10 touches, which can be played The operability is higher. 4. Space-saving installation of a touch all-in-one machine only needs to be supported by a cabinet or rack, or directly hung on the wall, for example: a 55-inch touch all-in-one machine occupies less than one square meter of space, and can even be used as a TV. . Since the all-in-one touch machine has many functions and does not require a keyboard and mouse to use, it can be directly touched with fingers. How can such a powerful all-in-one computer product be unloved and welcomed by consumers. The touch all-in-one product supplied by Rongguan Electronics. For a long time, Rongguan has invested a lot of money in product quality research and development and innovation, just to supply better quality products to customers. For more details about the touch computer and TV all-in-one products, please contact:.
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