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Which some industrial commonly used tablet have?

by:Toponetech     2020-03-15
Now industry tablet application is more and more widely, the tablet is also known as industrial computer, industrial touch tablet, industrial machine, etc. Because it is famous for its performance stability, mainly used in some industrial production field. Some customers don't know what some industrial commonly used tablet have? Let's give everybody to explain the application of industrial tablets. First of all, let us tell the industrial tablet is what? Industrial tablet, as the name implies, first of all, we understood as a computer with the host and display computer, understood as set in the second tablet computer and display as one of the tablets finally understood as computers and monitors for the integration of industrial special tablets. In performance, industrial tablets with low power consumption CPU in general. Atom series, for example, cy series as well as the pentium series, of course, there are some industrial tablets will adopt high-performance CPU, such as the core system of I3 I5 / I7. But the processor's power consumption is generally 10 w - Less than 25 w. Industrial tablet on the function, and the dust, seismic, compressive strength, moisture-proof, waterproof, high temperature resistant, resistant to low temperature and a variety of characteristics of slot is easy to expand, on the CPU memory display can be customized according to the requirements of optimization, the I/O richness and can be modified, to maximize meet the user requirements of different customers. On the heat dissipation, our common industrial tablets are no fan cooling system operation, some is to use a large area of aluminum fins or copper fins design, some of them are using ventilation design we common industrial tablets using machine vision, MES storage systems, robotics, industrial automation, police equipment, etc. , in industry control field, luqiao control charge system, environmental monitoring, medical equipment, communications security, intelligent traffic control system, building monitoring security, automatic calling distributor, voice call center, POS cash register counter, CNC machine tools, pumps, petrochemical data acquisition processing, financial information processing, geophysical exploration, field portable operation, environmental protection, military, railways, highways, electric power, aerospace, intelligent building, subway, outdoor advertising and so on. If you need industrial tablets, can log on our website directly. We are a professional production factory, can give customers to provide personalized industrial tablet r&d and design services. Welcome you to come to consult, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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