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When purchasing a touch all-in-one computer, Top One Tech tells you a few points to pay attention to

When purchasing a touch all-in-one computer, Top One Tech tells you a few points to pay attention to


Today, touch operation has become a trend that people pursue. As a new high-tech electronic touch device, touch all-in-one computer not only has the characteristics of high-definition display, sensitive touch, and powerful functions, but also has a very broad application field. Applications in the market are very popular with consumers.

Because of the huge market application demand for touch all-in-one computers, it contains great business opportunities, which has also prompted more and more manufacturers of its products, resulting in unfavorable phenomena such as uneven quality. Next, Top One Tech will explain to you a few points that we must pay attention to when purchasing a touch all-in-one computer.

32 inch touch all-in-one computer

Understand the structure of touch integrated computer

Under normal circumstances, a touch all-in-one computer can be divided into two parts: software and hardware. The software part includes the operating system and the software that some users require touch screen manufacturers to produce, but most touch screen manufacturers only provide the operating system, and the operating software applications can be installed and used by customers. The hardware includes the touch screen, housing, display, and external devices.

Use environment considerations

The environment in which the touch all-in-one computer is used must also be paid attention to, including the environmental temperature, humidity, installation method, size, indoor or outdoor factors, etc. must be understood clearly. As long as you understand all of this clearly, you can choose the touch all-in-one according to your needs.


The choice of touch screen

1. Color distortion: In general, the smaller the distortion, the better. Due to the light transmittance and wavelength curve, the image seen through the touch screen will inevitably produce color distortion with the original image, static graphics and text feel like color distortion, but the dynamic picture and information look less beautiful.

2. Reflectivity: Usually, it means that the overlapping light and shadow on the image caused by mirror reflection has a negative effect on the touch screen. Generally, the smaller the better, or it will seriously affect the user's browsing rate, even hard to see the content of the image. The use of a highly reflective touch screen will be restricted in the environment, and the lighting arrangement on site needs to be adjusted.

3. Definition: Due to technical problems in some manufacturers, after the touch screen is installed, the handwriting is blurred, the image details are blurred, and the entire screen is blurred and can't be seen clearly. This is poor definition. It is mainly caused by the repeated reflection and refraction of light between the film layers. In addition, the anti-glare touch screen also causes the sharpness of the surface to be frosted, which is easy to cause eye fatigue and damage to the eyes. Therefore, pay attention to the judgment when purchasing a touch screen.


4. Sensitivity: As far as the touch screens currently on the market are concerned, they all use infrared touch technology. Some of the touch all-in-ones produced support 2-point touch and some support 4-point touch, but they are currently the most popular among users. It is a ten-point touch screen, which has the characteristics of system responsiveness.

5. Simple operation: The user does not need to know the professional knowledge of the touch screen inquiry machine, and does not need too many complicated operations, only needs to use the finger to click the relevant button on the touch screen inquiry machine screen to obtain the desired information, text,l pictures, even videos can be displayed.

Touch all-in-one computer

Complete after-sales service

Touch all-in-one computers are electronic products. There is no guarantee that they will not malfunction as long as they are installed. Sometimes there will be minor malfunctions when they are used. At this time, they must be checked and repaired by after-sales personnel to restore them. So whether there is an after-sales team is also a major factor in purchasing a touch all-in-one computer.


Only by examining the touch all-in-one computer from multiple aspects and combining its own actual use needs, can you buy a cost-effective touch all-in-one computer. Similarly, the same is true for other products, such as LCD splicing screens, touch advertising machines, touch monitors, etc., must be carefully selected.


Top One Tech has more than ten years of experience in the production and manufacturing of touch all-in-one computers. It has mature research and development technology for touch all-in-one computers. Its products are updated and iterated quickly. The products are exported to Europe, North America, South America and other continents, occupying a high market position. If you want to know more about the  information about the touch all-in-one computer, please come to Top One Tech to consult and purchase.

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