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What will happen to the price of LED display

by:Toponetech     2021-06-21
We all know that small and medium-sized touch display manufacturers would rather stand up to the pressure of rising prices of LED displays than to increase prices, because they clearly know that once the price rises, the company’s old customers will be severely lost, and the expansion of new customers will be even greater. Difficult, rather than risking such a big risk, it is better to grit your teeth and weather the crisis of rising prices. LED display prices LED display prices are now constantly updated with LED display technology, and many companies have continued to strengthen their resource integration capabilities. Compared with the price increase of small and medium-sized LED display manufacturers, which well-known brand companies have not been affected by the price increase, but Create more value from it. In the danger of rising noise in the entire industry, LED display manufacturers are still cutting prices. It is understandable that such a well-known company is indeed strong, but it has to be admitted that for manufacturing manufacturers, technology and production capacity are the main advantages.   Various signs indicate that touch display companies are constantly promoting the progress of corporate technology and the optimization of the supply chain, which will effectively enhance the advantages of the company and let more customers benefit. Looking at the current price situation of the entire LED display industry, it can be clearly seen that the price increases are basically upper-medium enterprises, and the price cuts are all small and medium-sized enterprises.   2020 is approaching. When industry professionals generally believe that the price increase in the LED display industry is a foregone conclusion, a news of LED display manufacturers' price cuts spread instantly. Isn't it a bit confusing for a while? Looking back at the various price hikes in the past, it can be said that there are endless patterns every year. At the beginning of 2019, mid-to-upper-sized enterprises took the lead in raising prices, but the impact on the prices of the entire industry was not too great, nor did it cause too much trouble. After a period of time, due to the company's own operations and industry response measures, mid-to-upper-size manufacturers issued price increase notices again and again, which affected the whole body. This move has attracted the attention of many LED display manufacturers. In addition, due to the large-volume increase in manufacturing raw materials in the second half of 2019, it has driven the increase in the production and manufacturing costs of the entire LED industry, and the industry is also gradually rising in the trend of price increases.  We have been talking about price increases, but as far as this year’s trend is concerned, it is mainly mid-to-upper-tier suppliers that have increased prices, and small touch display companies have not made much price increases. Regarding whether small and medium-sized enterprises will continue to increase prices next year, Lihelilai said: At present, most LED companies are saving product costs from optimizing product structure, simplifying production procedures as much as possible, and reducing labor costs. Expand the output of enterprises to relieve the pressure on enterprises caused by price increases. Many LED companies still take a wait-and-see approach at the beginning of next year. If the price increase will continue in the future, perhaps the phenomenon of the company’s price increase will happen again.
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