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What touch screen gets to the application of security considerations

by:Toponetech     2020-05-17
With the release touch all-in-one, brought a lot of changes to our lives and convenient. In a few years, touch all-in-one PC industry is developing rapidly, with the appearance of fashion, the operation is simple, powerful wait for a characteristic, is widely applied in many fields in a wide range of industries. According to different application domains and functional requirements, the touch all-in-one product series include: teaching touch all-in-one, meeting gets to touch all-in-one, touch screen, touch, touch automatic calling distributor, LCD advertising machine stitching screen, etc. , can be applied to large shopping malls, hospitals, Banks, libraries, schools, hotels, zoo, supermarket, enterprise and so on a variety of different places. Below, in order to crown teck supply gets to the touch screen as an example to explain what are in the process of using security considerations. First, be sure to determine the power cord before all-in-one mobile query is drawn, if has the first disconnected, such as antenna, audio line for safety in more than two people carrying, don't will directly down toward the ground is in place; Second, do not climb or hang on the fuselage or rack rack, to avoid shaking to produce the machine damage to internal components, and prevent the fall injury, and so on and so forth. Third, in going to the electricity supply when not in use for a long time, please disconnect, if meets the thunder weather without installation of lightning protection facilities do not touch the antenna or not boot. Fourth, clean the machine before you disconnect the power supply, and the fuselage evaporation to dry and then use the power is connected, to avoid some small water droplets into the internal short circuit. Fifth, damage due to collision or fall, please first dial touch after-sales telephone counseling and check the maintenance steps in detail, and then choose to repair or please repair technicians, lest cause secondary damage or other security hidden danger. Crown teck electronic remind everybody, except in daily use process used for touch screen gets to do routine maintenance, but also must pay attention to their own safety, after all is electronic products, and the weight of the large size of the machine is not light, still has certain security hidden danger. Pay attention to the use, from several aspects to be able to better enjoy touching all-in-one products bring us all kinds of service and help.
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