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What tests do capacitive touch screens need to go through before they leave the factory?

by:Toponetech     2021-10-28
With the development of mobile Internet and urban informatization, the application range of touch screens has become more and more extensive. In addition to the operation and control system of industrial plant equipment, people also touch and use it almost every day in their lives. From the commonly used PAD, TablePC, Personal products such as mobile phones, cameras, and audio-visual players, to today's public information query equipment, all use touch screens. The capacitive touch screen is not only dustproof, dustproof, and wear-resistant, but also suitable for the use of electronic products. It also has the characteristics of further optimizing the user experience for its products. First, the capacitive touch screen supports multi-touch, making people more The operation of the product is unique; secondly, because the capacitive touch screen only senses the current of the human body, it can basically avoid the possibility of other objects being touched by mistake. Therefore, the development prospects of capacitive touch screens are very optimistic, and competition among major manufacturers has become increasingly fierce in recent years. As a leading domestic high-tech enterprise in the research and development, production, design, and sales of capacitive touch screens, Rongguan briefly introduces to you the reliability tests that capacitive touch screens need to go through in order to ensure the quality and reliability of their products. The static characteristic indexes of the sensor mainly include linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, sensitivity, resolution, threshold, stability, drift, etc. Among them, linearity, sensitivity, hysteresis and repeatability are four more important indexes. 1. Linearity The linearity of the sensor refers to the linearity of the quantitative relationship between the output and the input of the sensor. 2. Sensitivity Sensitivity is an important indicator of the static characteristics of the sensor. It is defined as the ratio of the output increment to the corresponding input increment that causes the output increment. 3. The phenomenon that the input and output characteristic curves of the hysteresis sensor do not coincide during the change of the input amount from small to large (positive stroke) and from large to small (reverse stroke) is called hysteresis. 4. Repeatability Repeatability refers to the degree of inconsistency of the characteristic curve obtained when the input volume of the sensor changes in the same direction for the full range multiple times. 5. Resolution Resolution is used to indicate that the sensor or instrument device can detect small changes in the measured The capacity of the measurement is usually expressed in the unit value of a small range. 6. Drift The drift of the sensor means that the output of the sensor changes with time when the input is unchanged. This phenomenon is called drift. 7. Stability stability is divided into short-term stability and long-term stability. For sensors, Long-term stability is often used to describe its stability, that is, the ability of the sensor to maintain its performance for a long period of time. 8. Threshold Threshold refers to the small measured input value when the sensor produces a measurable output change. There is also need to test the high temperature and low temperature depending on the purpose of the touch screen and the working environment.
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