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What should you do when your touch screen stops working?

What should you do when your touch screen stops working?


The touch screen is a medium and dialogue interface for transferring and exchanging information between people and computers, and is an important part of the computer system. It realizes the conversion between the internal form of information and the form acceptable to humans. As the output of equipment, it is widely used in smart phones, computers, industrial control, public information inquiries, military fields, medical fields, smart homes, etc. When used for a long time, it is inevitable that we will encounter some common touch failure problems. Then how should we analyze and repair when we encounter problems?

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When the touch screen fails, first check whether the power supply of the control card is normal, check whether the touch screen calibration under Windows is completed, and check whether the serial port  and  the serial cable are connected properly.


The first situation: touch is not working. Generally, it is caused by the positional deviation of the LCD display and the corresponding button of the glass, or it is caused by the aging of the touch glass. The former can be re-calibrated according to the "calibration center point" function provided by the touch screen manufacturer, and the latter needs to be replaced with the touch glass. Some are caused by poor contact, we can solve the problem by cleaning the touch monitor;


The second case: communication failure. The communication program of the lower computer is not set correctly, the address of the human-machine interface system is not correct, the communication port is burnt, the communication line is short circuit or not connected correctly, and the connection is not good, etc., all these factors will cause communication failure;


The third case: touching panel. This is the place where there is more contact with  hands, and it is also the surface layer that is prone to problems. Generally, this type of failure is caused by the user's relatively rude actions, but also due to careless transportation, etc. The glass may be broken, and occasionally it may be possible When the internal resistance and other components are broken, this kind of failure can only be replaced by the touch glass. Because the specifications and standards of various manufacturers are different, there is often a process of "opening the mold" during the replacement. Once the mold is opened, the touch screen Repair is a very simple matter, just replace it directly.


The fourth case: the LCD does not display or displays abnormally. This is caused by external force similar to the touch glass, but not too much. Most of the damage is caused by the aging of the LCD. It can be replaced by a new one. There is also the problem of different manufacturers and different specifications of the LCD. Another reason is that the LCD driver is damaged. In order to cause such problems, the circuit board needs to be dealt with.


The fifth situation: the circuit board is faulty. This kind of problem is more difficult to solve. It requires maintenance personnel to master certain circuit principles, have certain practical ability, and also have certain experience. Touch screens are all highly integrated chips such as DSP as the control core, and maintenance needs to be compared with chip manufacturers. The circuit diagrams provided are generally faults such as crystal oscillators and peripheral IC.


The above are several common faults and treatment methods of touch screen repair summarized by our Top One Tech engineers! Touch screens are now not only widely used in industry, but also in our daily lives. Therefore, it is useful to master some knowledge of touch screen maintenance!

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