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What should be the focus when purchasing industrial-grade touch monitor?

What should be the focus when purchasing industrial-grade touch monitor?


Industrial liquid crystal displays(LCD) are more and more popular in the market, and the emergence of various industrial liquid crystal displays is dazzling. It has caused serious problems for everyone's purchase, causing many enterprise procurement personnel to only pay attention to the price of industrial LCD monitors and no longer pay too much attention to their products themselves. This is a very serious mistake. LCD screens can generally be divided into industrial LCD screens, consumer LCD screens, and second-hand refurbished LCD screens. If you are blindly pursuing low prices, it is possible to buy refurbished LCD screens or consumer LCD screens.


Products such as industrial touch all-in-one computers and touch monitors have very high performance requirements due to the harsh industrial environment. What are the key points that should be paid attention to when purchasing industrial LCD monitors?


1. Brightness: Normal brightness. Under indoor environment, the brightness can be read under 250~300cd/m2 sunlight. If it is used outdoors, the brightness requirement is usually very high, usually 500~1000cd/m2.


2. Color: In some industrial applications, when the information expressed by color is more important than text and numbers, it is very important to use the measured color as a control for the percentage of NTSC color saturation. The current color saturation in liquid crystal products The degree mainly depends on the backlight. CCF is currently a very mainstream application technology, which can usually reach 70%-80% of the color saturation. If it is close to the full color saturation, then the backlight is usually realized by LED technology.


3. Contrast: Since the user may not be viewing at the ideal distance and the best lighting conditions, a liquid crystal panel with a higher contrast is the best choice, usually 450:1 or better for industrial applications.


4. Viewing angle of electrical performance: usually multiple people may watch at the same time. Considering this situation, the LCD panel of the industrial tablet computer is required to have a larger viewing angle than the ordinary LCD panel, and usually the industrial level requires the maximum viewing angle (H )150/(V)145 or more.


5. Response time: At present, the response time of consumer computers is less than 30ms. In industrial applications, users require that they can feel the movement in a dynamic environment. Usually the response time is less than 10ms.

6. Durability of backlight: Due to environmental impact and continuous use requirements in industrial applications, the lifetime of general CCF (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) is 50000 hours. Availability, to ensure that the failure and maintenance time is minimized and simplified, and the utilization rate is maximized.


Industrial touch monitors quickly occupy a certain market with good pressure resistance, quick and easy installation operation and beautiful appearance. Through these standards, you have a certain understanding of industrial touch displays, which also makes it easier for you to make better judgments in selection.


Finally, it is recommended not to buy too much at one time when purchasing industrial touch monitors for the first time. It is best to buy a test first, and then purchase in bulk after the test is satisfactory.

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