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What's unique about the customized 23.8-inch touch monitor?

What's unique about the customized 23.8-inch touch monitor?


Customized touch monitor is one of Top One Tech's advantageous services, which can meet any customization of your touch display content. The docking processing efficiency is high, the plan is quickly produced, and the production is fast in 15 days.

23.8 Inch LCD Open Frame Touchscreen Monitor (the Water-proof IP 65 and PCAP touch screen monitor)

This 23.8-inch touch monitor, in addition to the self-developed and designed A/D board, has also made a professional design for the fixation of the touch screen in the overall structure design, using a uniquely designed frame as the fixation.

Secondly, it reserves a certain degree of installation space, which can be compatible with other cabinets.

Third, the operation is relatively stable, not only the contact point is accurate, but also supports ten-point touch. In addition, the display will not shake under touch contact, which is relatively stable.

23.8 inch touch monitor

Fourth, the quality of the touch display is guaranteed. The overall performance is more reliable. This kind of touch display can be used in relatively high-end and places with strict touch display requirements, such as high-end catering POS systems, industrial sites, medical systems, conference rooms, etc.

When your device is not available in the market with a conventional touch display, the advantages of the customized version are clearly reflected. It can be installed directly after arrival, and can be put into use immediately after connecting the line.

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