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What's the difference between a industrial PC with touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-08-03
The personage inside course of study often hear industrial control and touch screen two proper nouns, so the two things the same things? Industrial PC ( 工业个人电脑, IPC) Is a kind of reinforcement of enhanced personal computer, it can be used as an industrial controller reliable operation in industrial environment. Can touch screen industrial computer as the input and display unit, industrial computer touch screen also has made the integration of, but there is a touch screen industrial computer functions. The abbreviation of HMI is the Human Machine Interface, also known as the touch screen, man-machine Interface, also known as the man-machine Interface. The man-machine interface ( Also known as the user interface or the user interface) Is the interaction between system and user and the information exchange medium, it can realize the internal form and human accept form conversion between. All participate in man-machine communication field there is a man-machine interface. General HMI PLC and field bus. Its on the interface and the industrial computer touch screen directly connected there peculiar smell. The above is the concept of industrial control and touch screen and distinction.
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