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What principle does the touch screen sense?

by:Toponetech     2021-10-17
With the continuous development and innovation of technology, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher,' target='_blank'>touch screens have also brought a lot of convenience to people’s work and life, and the applications in the market are also very hot. When we come into contact with new things, we will I’m very curious, what kind of technology it uses, it can be used in this way, our touch screen is the same, so do you know how the touch screen is sensed? The following editor will lead you to understand. The touch screen works by sensing the current of the human body, by touching the touch screen installed in the front of the display with a finger or other objects, and then the system locates and selects information input according to the position of the icon or menu touched by the finger. The touch screen consists of a touch detection component and a touch screen controller; the touch detection component is installed in front of the display screen to detect the user's touch position, and then send it to the touch screen controller; and the main function of the touch screen controller is to receive touches from the touch point detection device Information, and convert it into contact coordinates, and then send it to the CPU, it can also accept the command sent by the CPU and execute it. As a newest computer input device, touch screen is currently the simplest, convenient and natural way of human-computer interaction. It gives multimedia a new look and is a very attractive new multimedia interactive device. Mainly used in public information query, leadership office, industrial control, military command, video games, ordering songs, multimedia teaching, real estate pre-sales, etc. Rongguan touch screen professional manufacturer customized, has a wealth of industry experience, meticulous workmanship, high quality, strict quality management system, perfect after-sales service. Welcome to inquire:.
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