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What parameters affect the led display price?

by:Toponetech     2021-01-14
There are many main factors, which affect the price of . For chip manufacturers, control IC, lights, this a few upstream of the material are the main factors that affect the cost. Second is: stents, wire rod, glue, suite, PCB, process, etc. These are directly affect the cost of , which directly affect the sales price. For users, affect the parameters of the offer are: brightness, color uniformity, refresh rate, attenuation, the stability and the distance between point and so on. with high price, of course, is relatively expensive, but the display effect will be much better.
which factors affect the led display price
1. General full-color led display are models, such as outdoor led display screen have p10 and so on advertising, such as p10 and other types of display unit price is different, this is the typical of every square metre how many money to calculate the price. 2. of the raw materials are mainly imported raw materials and domestic raw materials, led chips, led driver IC and led lamp bead are the main factors of decision led display price. 3. Enterprise production cost when choosing led display, don't cry because it is the discretion of the touch display price to blind the choose and buy, should according to their own needs to choose suitable products. 4. And display control computer, control software, control system, power amplifier stereo, etc. , if needed, in addition to calculate money. 5. Also, look at the specific installation environment, purpose, so as to give the best solution. 6. Finally need to say is, in the aspect of construction installation, if it is hi manufacturer is responsible for the installation, are generally according to your requirements give a reasonable configuration scheme, the budget for your reference, which allows you to select the most valuable plan.
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