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What kind of led electronic display can be called a high-end product?

by:Toponetech     2021-05-22
We often divide LED electronic display screens into medium, high and low end, but often fall into a misunderstanding on the boundary of this distinction. Some people think that the low-end means lower prices, and the relatively high-end products are naturally higher-priced products. If you follow this statement, then imagine that the price of LED electronic display unit boards made of gold must be high enough, but how about sales? There is also a view that low-end products are low-tech products, and high-end products are vice versa. From this point of view, are P0.1 small-pitch products more high-end than P1.0 products? But again, what about sales? Generally speaking, high-end products will reflect high prices, high profits, and relatively high product quality. This is understandable, but if there is no market and cannot be sold, then all of this is useless. It's like building a unit board with gold. In the end, even if it sells only one unit a year, it is considered successful, but it has not been sold once a year, and it cannot be recognized by consumers. It only caters to immature high-end product enthusiasts. It is called Luxury goods, however, for the LED electronic display industry, luxury goods are not needed. Therefore, high-end LED electronic display products should be products that are available in quantity, price, and market, and can be recognized by consumers. As a manufacturer of led electronic display screens, do not easily overlook the marketability of the product. You are neither a philanthropist nor an artist. You can survive and grow without sales. If there is no sales, then no matter how refined and expensive the product is, it can only be a castle in the sky, which is out of reach. At present, my country's led electronic display industry has developed more maturely. Due to the slowdown in technological innovation, the products are gradually becoming homogeneous and the development potential is insufficient. Therefore, we are all promoting innovation. However, companies need to understand that innovation is not to innovate for the sake of innovation, not to be different, not to look good, but to survive, to be competitive, and to broaden the scope of LED electronic display applications. But it cannot be denied that in the process of development, it is inevitable that there will be obscene technological innovations. For example, LED electronic displays can be placed in boiling water to watch videos, but in fact, few consumers have such needs or corresponding scene applications, so the extra function is a waste of technology; use a popular metaphor In other words, a smart phone with the function of a grenade can also be used as a self-defense when necessary. From this point of view, it is indeed a technological innovation, but such a product can only cause social panic. Inventions and technological innovations are the means used to achieve an end, not the end itself. Leading technology still aims at the real needs of consumers. Take the best experience for consumers. Technology has no practical value and will be eliminated sooner or later. On the contrary, some components developed in the early stage of LED electronic display screens perform very well in actual use, so although they are not very advanced in technology, their good applicability makes their application on LED electronic display screens enduring and long-lasting. Not old. The purpose of innovation is to make the performance of the led electronic display better and make it more convenient for our consumers to use, but the application is not necessarily all advanced. This is dialectics. In addition, the current technological innovation of LED electronic display screens often has the problem of technical cost. Many companies invest too much in technology, leading to excessively high prices of LED electronic display screens. In the case of such electronic display screens, LED electronic display manufacturers should think about how to technically ensure the quality of LED electronic display screens while reducing costs, rather than blindly pursuing technologically advanced products that are not suitable for the time being. In short, if you want not to be led into the ditch, you must learn to see the essence through the phenomenon. Always maintain a rigorous attitude and carefully distinguish the people and things that appear in front of you. Observe calmly, don't talk about experience and ideas, don't be paralyzed, let alone turn a blind eye to certain things. Behind many common and accustomed things, there are crises or turning points of one kind or another. Therefore, we must learn to observe things with the eyes of scrutiny.
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