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What is the working principle of touch screen?

by:Toponetech     2020-10-26
With the continuous development of science and technology innovation, the living standard of people is becoming more and more high, the touch screen has been widely used, for people's work and life has brought a lot of convenient, in the market application is also very hot, it can be seen in all fields. Below we take people first to know about the working principle of various types of touch screen: a, the working principle of resistive touch screens: the working principle of resistive touchscreen mainly through pressure induction principle to realize the operation and control of screen contents, this kind of touch screen body part is a very cooperate with multi-layer composite membrane and display surface, including the first layer of glass or bottom of organic glass, the second layer of isolation layer, the third layer for multivariate resin surface, the surface is coated with a layer of transparent conductive layer, the above with a layer of surface hardening treatment, then smooth scratch-resistant plastic layer. In lipid layer on the surface of the conductive layer and glass sensor is separated by many small interlayer; Under the current through the surface, light touch surface pressure, come into contact with the ground floor, read to match current controller from four angles at the same time and calculating the distance of finger position. The touch screen using two layers of transparent conductive layer of touch screen, the distance between two layers is only 2. 5 microns. Insulated from touching each other, when fingers touching the screen, usually two conductive layer on the touch point has A contact, because of one side of conductive layer on the Y axis 5 v voltage field, makes the detection layer voltage from zero to A nonzero, controller to detect the connected, A/D conversion, and will be compared with 5 v voltage value, can have to touch the Y coordinate of the point in the same way it is concluded that the coordinates of the X axis, that is all the basic principles of resistance touch screen technology together. Second, the capacitive touch screen is capacitive touch screen on the glass surface with a layer of transparent conductive material special metal, the sensitive touch screen a total of five layers. The first layer of glass bottom, the 2nd is conducting layer, the third floor is for glass induction, the fourth floor to prevent reflection mist or shiny surface, the fifth layer of protective layer to prevent noise. When the fingers in capacitive touch screen surface, induction method for voltage is connected to the four corners of the glass layer, through the electrode voltage distribution in glass layer and establish nothing changes the voltage of electric field, contact capacitance will change at the same time, that is connected with the oscillator frequency changes, by measuring the frequency changes can determine the touch location to obtain information. Because the capacitance with temperature, humidity or ground conditions vary, so its stability is poor, often drift phenomenon. And when the surface is touching, the current from the four corners of the glass layer, and controller to calculate the distance the current to the position of the finger, to determine the accurate position of touch. Three, infrared touch screen the infrared touch screen working principle is simple, just add light spot on the display from the frame, not on the screen surface with coating or connection to the controller, and then in the light from the frame edges arranged the infrared transmitting and receiving sensor components, on screen surface, the formation of infrared detection network, any object touch touch screen, at some point will be blocked after the location of two infrared, the computer can be real-time calculated touch point location. Infrared touch screen is not affected by current, voltage and electrostatic interference, suitable for some harsh environmental conditions. Because infrared type touch screen at work without capacitor charge and discharge process, the response speed is faster than capacitive, but lower resolution. Crown teck touch screen professional manufacturers custom, has rich experience in the industry, workmanship, superior quality, strict quality management system, perfect after-sales service.
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