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What is the working principle of led display

by:Toponetech     2021-02-04
LCD liquid crystal, is a very special material. Is a very special material. It is like a liquid can flow, but also has some of the optical properties of crystals. LCD Reinitzer found in 1888 by Austrian plant scholars, is a kind of between solid and liquid, with regularity molecular arrangement of organic compounds, liquid crystal molecules have a certain order, and the order of external conditions, such as temperature, the change of electromagnetic field is very sensitive. Under the action of electric field, the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules will change, so as to affect its optical properties, this phenomenon is called the electro-optic effect. is usually mounted on the two pieces of glass substrate with the membrane, LCD will match to along the groove, because the glass to match to the groove from 900 liquid crystal molecules on the same plane as the blinds a a lined up, and the molecular nematic from one level to another level transition will gradually turn 900, that is to say, the arrangement of two layers of molecular phase difference of 900. In general the most commonly used type led LCD for nematic ( 向列) LCD, molecular shape for long bar, width is about 1 - 10nm ( 1海里= 10点) , under the different electric current, the rules of the liquid crystal molecules will do 90 degrees, producing the difference of light transmittance, so under the action of the power supply and off to produce the difference between light and shade, each pixel to the principle of control, can form the image.
touch display of constant current and constant voltage main what is the difference between the
constant current drive of the output current is constant, the output of the dc voltage is different with the size of the load resistance changes within a certain range, is responsible for the small resistance, low output voltage, is responsible for the greater the resistance, the higher the output voltage. And constant voltage driver, it is the output voltage is fixed, but the output current will change as the load increase and decrease. In general, constant current drive would be a good product, at the same time, it will be more expensive. Because of the constant current drive products, it a few more lines and chip, let the electric current can keep constant, increase the service life of the and stability.
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