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what is the technology behind a touch screen?

by:Toponetech     2020-04-11
Have you ever thought about how the touch screen on your phone, tablet, led TV or any other device works?
Surprisingly, we can now make orders to our devices with hand touch, and while the technology seems to be new, it has actually existed since the 1960s.
In fact, the technology behind the touch screen can actually be traced back to the 1940s, but in just 20 years it became feasible to use it on a large scale.
ATM has been using technology since 1965. A.
Johnson invented the first finger.
Driving the touch screen actually uses the same capacitive touch mechanism that the phone and other devices are still using so far.
Although touch screen technology also has other types such as resistance touch or multi-touch technology, capacitive touch technology is the preferred technology for mass production of consumer goods.
What is the capacitive touch screen?
Today, the capacitive touch screen works by using the ITO touch screen connected to the screen.
This touch film is basically a semiconductor that is printed using a semiconductor manufacturing method, such as rolling processing, which uses a rolling evaporator system to manufacture electronic equipment on flexible plastics.
Rolling evaporator systems from industry-leading manufacturers are capable of mass production of ITO touch screens, which can be used in various devices such as smartphones, LCD or LED screens, tablets, and PC monitors.
Compared to other technologies such as roll-to-board and board-to-board technologies, roll-to-board technology is the preferred method because it provides continuous processes and higher throughput than other technologies.
Then, programming the ITO touch film using software enables us to give our device instructions by using our fingers on the screen.
In fact, many other products, such as solar panels, cameras and printers, also use semiconductor manufacturing processes such as rolling evaporator systems.
Summary so now you have a basic idea of the source of the technology and the technology used to produce the semiconductor film used on today\'s touch screen.
Without a machine that uses a rolling evaporator system, we will not be able to enjoy many touch screen devices that we can use today.
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