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What Is the Strength of This 7-inch Open-Frame LCD Touch Monitor?

What Is the Strength of This 7-inch Open-Frame LCD Touch Monitor?


What Is the Strength of This 7-inch Open-Frame LCD Touch Monitor? Lession Learned

The visible beauty of the lines,the tangible sense of technology. This time, we will show you a 7-inch LCD touch monitor. either its appearance or configuration, it has greatly exceeded similar products on the market. If you can’t wait to see it, just directly click the video below~

Structural aesthetics, the pursuit of coordination

When Top One Tech Limited develops and manufactures products, it always requires high-end materials, innovative designs, exquisite craftsmanship and internal functions to be perfectly unified to meet the extreme requirements of trading partners. In addition to the continuation of the technological style and high quality, this touch monitor also presents practicality and beauty more thoroughly.

Touch Monitor

The first is its shape design, which is managed by the top design team. From the product concept to the design polishing, the long-lasting product cycle ensures the quality. The side of the monitor body adopts imported acrylic bezel, which is controlled by top technical specifications. It complies with NEMA3 and IEC IP65 frame sealing standards. The exquisitely polished chamfer makes every subtlety more refined and has a superior texture to the touch.

7-inch touch monitor

The back is still the iconic line design of the display. Different from the flat and stable shape of most monitors, the appearance of this 7-inch touch monitor looks sharp, elegant and innovative. The advantage of this design is that it is more personalized, so that the maverick design allows people to see its uniqueness at first glance.

Strong technology, keep up with the future era

In addition to the appearance, the inner strength is the core of this touch display. 3000 hours of LED backlight time, 50000 hours of MTBF and 8Wmax energy consumption, greatly extend the service life of the touch screen, and the efficiency is maximized.

The using size of 154.59*86.32, the display resolution reaches 1024*600, what is worth mentioning is that there are VESA mounting holes (100*100mm or 75*75mm) on the back of the display, which can be directly assembled in the cabinet.

Mature development technology ensures that our monitors can operate reliably, 7*24 hours, 365 days a year, even in high temperature and humid environments. Inside the display, the independently developed touch sensor makes it respond as fast as 25ms (TR+TF), allowing users to get a good experience.

Customers who have trade cooperated with us have expressed unanimous affirmation of the excellent performance of this touch screen: high-end, gorgeous, and practical. It is such a trustworthy product that makes customers willing to place orders.

We hope that touch screens can win the market through customization, small-batch production, efficient delivery and service, and meet the needs of manufacturers and distributors who use touch screens in different industries. The ability to provide customers with customized solutions is also one of the key factors for TopOneTech to maintain growth in the highly competitive casino market.

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