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What is the standard of touch-screen display

by:Toponetech     2020-08-14
Touch screen must achieve clear, responsive and stable running, is the standard of touch screen. Can be done by test method using the driver provided in the inspection procedure, check whether the touch screen of physical function normally; If you have two or more of the product, please use the one by one to replace the hardware method of confirm is which part of the hardware is faulty. Replace part of the test control CARDS, screen, cable respectively; If you have more than two PCS, please replace the PC for testing. Cause the normal operation of the touch screen PC failure mainly include: RS - 232 serial port is normal? Can use the mouse to do the test; Keyboard mouth can provide normal power supply? Test can be used to connect the keyboard mode; Testing the IRQ interrupt conflict? Can enter the system resource and view the COM IRQ usage. Test is normal, the unity of the normal operation of the software driver processing, check whether the corresponding product match the driver and the controller Settings. Using RS - Whether the 232 controller, touch screen cable connected by a serial port serial number with the serial number in the software installation is different, please correct and try again. Equipment resources conflict? Such as some network adapter installed by default IRQ is 3, and COM2 IRQ conflicts. Should amend the nic IRQ to idle IRQ numerical equipment. If that means test completely normal, and can not solve your technical failure, please use the product according to you case, refer to the following product failure methods to exclude the failure of the product.
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