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What is the query touch all-in-one PC?

by:Toponetech     2020-08-13
Said to touch many did not experience the past may query machine of this word is a stranger, then I will from its function, principle, and introduces the reputation on the market at present the strength and so on various aspects have done better. Usually touch query machine application of local organs of business hall, hall, hotel lobby, library, shopping malls, and so on occasion, that not only can greatly save manpower, improve the work efficiency! Still can rapidly increasing store, display image of foreign government, the overall, convenient, fast and efficient service consumer information query. Touch the touch of the principle is to put the touch screen query machine function and the function of the computer and TV function one. To do as long as the users finger lightly touch screen machine can quickly get the information they want, to make the human-computer interaction more straightforward. The real done will touch and control is an organic whole to part, greatly improved the work efficiency of people. Say so far the reputation on the market power and so on various aspects have done a good vendor, he would have to say to the crown teck electronic is one of the biggest domestic focus on touch query machine manufacturers, word of mouth is also quite good, other such as skyworth, although say popularity is quite high compared to the former product is very poor is poor in do miscellaneous, and do this.
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