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What Is CE Certification And FCC Certification For Touch Solution Products?

What Is CE Certification And FCC Certification For Touch Solution Products?


Hundreds of years of experience since mankind entered the Industrial Revolution have learned that all security is ultimately human security. You can learn the meaning of ce certification and fcc certification for touch solution products through this article.


Top OneTech Limited has adhered to this creed from the first day of its establishment. Every product we deliver to customers must have CE certification and FCC certification, and every product shipped must be affixed with CE certification mark and FCC certification mark.


Why do we attach so much importance to CE certification and FCC certification? Let's start by understanding the nature of these two certifications.


The "CE" mark is a safety certification mark and is regarded as a passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market. CE stands for CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE. In layman's terms, CE certification is a mandatory certification in the European Union. There are clear regulations in the EU market. All products exported to the EU must be CE certified. CE certification is a passport for products exported to the EU and must be applied for. Otherwise, it will not be able to pass customs and sell on the EU market. This is a mandatory requirement imposed on products by EU law.


Similarly, FCC (Federal Communications Commission) certification is a pass for products to enter the American market, and products can only be sold in the American market if they comply with the corresponding FCC certification well and affix the corresponding mark. For consumers, products with logos give them a high degree of safety, and they only trust and are willing to buy products with security certification marks. According to the provisions of the relevant parts of the US Federal Communications Regulations, all electronic products entering the United States (mainly for electronic products with operating frequencies of 9KHz-3000GHz) require electromagnetic compatibility certification (FCC certification), so FCC certification is also mandatory in the United States .


Simply put, electronic products require CE certification to enter the EU market, and FCC certification to enter the US and some American markets.

So what are the specific meanings of our products for CE and FCC certification? Specifically, there are the following 6 benefits:


1. Can obtain consumers to a certain extent, improve product competitiveness, consumers will trust products with CE certification mark and FCC certification mark when buying products;


2. It is easier to gain the trust of the market supervision agency, and to avoid the risk of being detained when the product is exported or entered;


3. Reducing the risk of investigation and punishment during the inspection can effectively prevent the occurrence of allegations of unfair competition and irresponsible situations;


4. In the face of litigation, the CE certification of the EU designated agency will become legally effective technical evidence;


5. Once the product is investigated and punished, the certification body will jointly bear the responsibility with the enterprise, so it will reduce the enterprise risk;


6. Products affixed with CE certification mark and FCC certification mark represent that the product meets the standards and is also a guarantee of safety;

In our product line, whether it is the touch screen, open frame touchscreen monitor, or touch all-in-one computer, each product series is honestly CE-certified and FCC-certified as required, because we know that our products are in the process from production to transportation, and in the process from distribution to use, the most important operators are humans, and we have to use the safety of our certified products to protect the safety of users.

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