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What is the main function of the traffic guidance display?

by:Toponetech     2021-04-10
The main function of the traffic guidance display screen:
The main functions of the traffic guidance display screen: 1. Real-time road condition information 2. Parking guidance information 3. Real-time traffic information 4. Diversified information integration 5. Humanized information service 6. Information openness and perfect 7. Close to the transportation department Connection 8. It can realize the integration of TV and radio, and perform intuitive guidance. 9. Improve traffic mobility. 10. Improve traffic safety. 11. Improve traffic capacity. 12. Improve public travel efficiency. 13. Improve public service levels. 14. Promote. Improve and improve traffic control 15. Rapid networking and centralized release and management.
Traffic guidance display screen is a good publicity tool!
Traffic guidance display screens are safe for urban development. Traffic guidance display screens are also very common for us. The bar-shaped and F-shaped LED full-color screens on highways will transmit safety prompts and information announcements about illegal vehicles in the first time. To eliminate the habit of changing lanes and speeding by drivers, LED full-color screens are a good publicity tool to popularize safety knowledge in daily life. The bright sees in the premature, the wise avoids danger from the invisible, the cause of the disaster is mostly hidden in the subtle, but caused by the neglect of people. Safety issues are everywhere in people's production and life. To prevent problems before they happen, the LED full-color screen will do a good job of safety promotion and hidden danger investigation and management in advance, which is the responsibility of the safety supervision office, and it is also a problem that we must face together. Safety is no small matter. Using LED full-color screens to convey safety knowledge is conducive to maintaining the harmony and stability of the community and improving the safety awareness and accident prevention capabilities of the whole people. The Office of Safety Supervision, which pays great attention to safety issues, has also extended its attitude towards safety to the selection of LED full-color screens, which must have excellent manufacturer qualifications to ensure product quality and safety, and ensure long-term operation and good display effects.
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