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What is the laminating technology? What is the advantage of all joint?

by:Toponetech     2020-08-14
All plane joint ( 完整的纹理) Also known as non - 空气- Gap technology, compared with the traditional way of joint, the entire plane joint from the screen reflection images can clearly see it. This is the advanced SMT processing smartphone and tablet panel joint is the mainstream of development trend. Process of touch panels and components looks be like simple, but in fact the touch panel process change multiterminal, in terms of technology, the front-end process with the back-end process change and growth. The whole plane joint technique is to directly with glue paste on the outer glass panel ( Or touch panel) , due to the middle of a vacuum, so the light refraction problems can be avoided, but if the traditional word glue joint, it is easy to see that resembled foldover phenomena of the two pieces of glass. In addition, the whole plane joint can make the screen more more sense of reality of micromixer mixing effect and high quality, even under the strong light of the outdoor, can still clearly see the SMT processing mobile phone or tablet screen display content. Whole plane joint will be trend, but the challenge lies in its joint difficulty than the difficulty of the capacitive touch panel glass joint much higher, the greater the size and the more difficult it is to fit. LCD panel and touch panel both product prices are not low, one thousand in the process of joint damage, losses will be very large. Full joint technology is? Smart phone is becoming more and more fierce competition, many manufacturers have hope through the differentiation to highlight their hardware, what IPS, SLCD, retina, ClearBlack the emergence of new constantly, such as many times when we haven't understand new technology new technology was born. Near and have a lot of phone makers began to the 'joint' technology to their mobile phone to increase selling point? What is this, let's come together and have a look. Screen structure from the point of view of the structure of the screen, we can put the screen is roughly divided into three parts, respectively is to protect the glass from top to bottom, touch screen and display. The three parts is need to undertake joint, generally requires two joint, between the protective glass and touch screen is a joint, and another joint is between the screen and touch screen. According to the way of joint points can be divided into the joint and put two boxes. Box glue joint post is also known as the so-called box mouth words, namely simple to secure around the screen and display with double-sided adhesive, which is at present most of the display screen is adopted by the joint mode, its advantage lies in the simple process and low cost, but because the display screen and the touch screen, there is air layer between the light refraction cause show effect after discounted become box stick a big drawback. Total joint total joint is that water plastic or optical plastic panel and touch screen in the form of seamless completely stick together. Compared with box stick, can provide a better display effect. All joint advantage laminating technology to cancel all the air between the screen, which helps to reduce the reflective display panels and glass, can make the screen look more fully, enhance the screen display effect. At present some phones like the iPhone 4 s, 2, the Nexus 7 meters, Ascend D1 quad-core were also adopted the laminating technology. Apple's new iMac also adopted the joint technology. All joint technology of another benefit is the screen no longer into ashes. Touch module also because of closely integrated with the panel to strength improved, in addition, the joint more effectively reducing the noise on the touch panel display signals caused by interference. Although the huge advantage of joint, but the yield is relatively low, because of the poor yield on the surface of the glass and even panel joint in the process of consumption, scrap, will inevitably cause costs rise, so the deaeration and joint yield control will become the factors that are more important than the cost of materials.
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