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What is the heat dissipation method of the touch all-in-one computer?

What is the heat dissipation method of the touch all-in-one computer?


When the touch all-in-one computer needs to run continuously for 24 hours, it will generate a lot of heat. In addition to the high temperature and hot environment in summer, what should be done if the touch all-in-one computer maintains normal operation? What is the heat dissipation method it?

In fact, there is a difference between indoor and outdoor touch all-in-one computers. There is almost no difference in function between outdoor all-in-one computers and LCD touch all-in-one computers used indoors, but there is a big difference in structure between the two. Outdoor all-in-one computers need to deal with more complex and changeable outdoor environments, so their internal structure will be more complicated than indoor touch all-in-one computers.

Considering that the outdoor brightness is high, the brightness of the display is required to be higher, and the direct sunlight will cause the machine to generate a lot of heat, which requires that these issues must be considered when the touch all-in-one computer is re-developed. If the heat dissipation problem is not handled properly, it is easy to cause blank screen of the touch all-in-one computer.

At present, the heat dissipation of touch all-in-one computers on the market mainly includes air-cooled heat dissipation systems, heat exchanger heat dissipation systems, and air conditioning heat dissipation systems. How does the touch all-in-one computer dissipate heat? According to the method of removing heat from the radiator, the heat dissipation method of the touch all-in-one is divided into automatic cooling and passive cooling. The former is to forcibly take away the heat emitted by the heat sink through the cooling equipment such as an electric fan, while the latter is to be spliced as a heat source through the heat sink to dissipate the heat of the light source into the air.

Nowadays, the heat dissipation of display devices can be divided into several methods such as metal heat sink, heat pipe, fan, and water cooling. The first two are passive heat dissipation. The latter two are active heat dissipation.

The so-called active heat dissipation and passive heat dissipation are mainly defined by the need to provide additional power to perform heat dissipation. Heat pipes are another more common passive heat dissipation solution. The characteristics of lightweight and fast uniform temperature make it have excellent heat conduction characteristics. The application range of heat pipes is quite wide, and it was first used in the aerospace industry. Nowadays, it is widely used in different application fields such as various heat exchangers and coolers, playing the role of heat transfer and heat dissipation.

The heat sink is the most typical passive heat-dissipating component. It will be supplemented by a heat pipe, such as the "silicone" in our common computer. Water cooling heat dissipation refers to the use of liquid to forcefully circulate the heat of the radiator under the drive of a pump. Compared with air cooling, it has the advantages of quietness, stable cooling, and less dependence on the environment. Because of the large heat capacity of water, the water-cooled refrigeration system has a good heat load capacity. Equivalent to 5 times of the air-cooled system.

In the working state of the touch all-in-one computer, the temperature of the light can be as high as 1000 degrees Celsius, and the operating temperature of many equipments inside the unit is below 70 degrees Celsius. The situation in the high-temperature environment will become more severe. In this case, the first choice is the wind Cool mode to cool down and dissipate heat. It is worth noting that although this method will achieve a certain cooling effect, it is very simple to bring dust in the air into the equipment during the operation. Therefore, in the heat dissipation process of the touch all-in-one computer, in addition to the physical cooling operation, it is also necessary to pay attention to the regular dust removal of the device.

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