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What is the effect of LED lights for LED display?

by:Toponetech     2021-03-13
LED lights, LED display is the most critical component. First, the LED is spoken by the largest number of the key device in the full color machine, every square metre can use only a few thousand to tens of thousands of LED; Second, the LED is to determine the main body of the whole screen optical display performance, a direct impact on the audience to display; Third, the LED display screen as a proportion of the overall cost in most, ranging from 30% to 70%. Lamp bead is so important, so when I buy LED display to distinguish whether the lamp bead quality standard is an important consideration. How to identify LED display lights, advantages and disadvantages one: the solder joints. Regular LED lamp belt manufacturer production of LED lights is to use SMT process, with solder paste and reflow soldering process. 2: the quality of FPC. FPC divide into two kinds, apply copper and rolling of copper coated copper copper foil is out, scan it can see it from the joint of welded plate and FPC. Three: look at the LED lamp belt surface cleanliness. If the LED lamp belt of the SMT process, its surface cleanliness is very good, can't see any impurities and stain. Four: look at the LED lamp with chips and production technology, is can't tell the difference to the eye, with aging equipment and testing equipment, if you put a few manufacturer of LED on aging instrument with large current aging 24 hours or longer, you again to measure the LED brightness of several manufacturers, look at the LED luminous intensity attenuation, minimum damping least that quality is the best. LED lights, what are the impact on the LED display? 1, the LED display of perspective view depends on the Angle of LED lamp bead. To date, most outdoor display screen choose horizontal Angle 100 °; 50 ° and vertical perspective; Elliptical LED, indoor display, choose level is 120 ° from vertical; The SMD leds. Display on the highway 30 ° is generally selected due to its particularity; Perspective of round LED is enough. Some buildings on display for vertical Angle of the demand is higher. Perspective with brightness incompatible, big Angle will inevitably reduce brightness. View selection need according to the specific purposes to decide. 2, brightness of LED display screen luminance brightness is the deciding factor. LED brightness is higher, the greater the allowance of using current, is good to save electricity, stabilizing the leds. LED value has a different point of view, in the case of chip brightness is set, the smaller the Angle, the LED is more bright, but the smaller screen view. Generally should choose 100 degrees of LED display screen enough to ensure that the point of view. In view of the different spacing and different visual display, should be in brightness, Angle and find a balance on the price. 3, failure rate due to full-color displays by tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of set of red, green, blue three kinds of LED pixels, any color LED display screen overall failure will affect visual result. In general, according to industry experience, at the beginning of the LED display assembly to aging failure rate of 72 hours before delivery should be no more than three over ten thousand ( Refers to the LED lamp bead itself causes of failure) 。 4 LED is a semiconductor device, antistatic ability, is sensitive to electrostatic, easily lead to static electricity failure, so the antistatic ability is very important to the life of the screen. In general, the LED pattern of human body electrostatic voltage test failure should not be less than 2000 v. 5, attenuation characteristic of LED display screen for a long time after work will be a drop in brightness and screen color is not consistent with the phenomenon, is mainly due to the attenuation of the brightness of the LED device. LED brightness attenuation will cause the whole screen brightness to reduce. Red, green, and blue LED brightness attenuation amplitude inconsistent will cause color LED display, is often said that the screen we spent. High quality LED device can effectively control brightness attenuation amplitude. By 1000 hours at room temperature light 20 ma standards, attenuation should be less than 2%, red, blue, green attenuation should be less than 10%, in blue, green LED display screen design as far as possible not to use when 20 ma current, had better use only 70% to 80% of the rated current. Attenuation characteristics in addition to the associated with red, green and blue leds itself characteristic, using current, PCB thermal design, display affect attenuation using the environment temperature, etc. The normal direction of the white balance again good display, if the Angle of the leds consistency is not good, the whole screen different point of view of the white balance effect will be bad. The Angle of the LED lamp bead consistency features available LED Angle, a comprehensive test instrument to measure is particularly important for medium and top grade display screen.
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