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What Is The Effect Of Adding Anti-glare Function To The Touch Monitor

What Is The Effect Of Adding Anti-glare Function To The Touch Monitor


Anti-glare (AG) is to avoid the effect of reflective light on our eyesight. Anti-glare glass, also known as non-reflective glass or anti-reflective glass, has a lower reflectance than ordinary glass, and the reflectance of light is reduced from 8% to less than 1%. We all have this experience when we look at the mobile phone screen. It is difficult to see the mobile phone screen clearly in the sun, but there is no problem in the shade or indoors. This is because the sun's rays reflected by the mobile phone screen glass are too strong, when the light reflects our eyes, it will seriously interfere with our vision, but in the shade, the light is weak and the reflected light is greatly reduced, and we can see the screen clearly.

The same is true for touch monitors. Outdoors, there are many devices that need to be installed with touch screen displays, such as advertising machines, self-service retail machines, newsstands, etc. They are exposed to the sun, and the light is strong. If there is no anti-glare function, electronic equipment screens will also reflect light, coupled with the different environment, the interference of various external light sources, and the reflection in the eyes will make the screen content difficult to see, and the eyes are also easy to be sore, which greatly affects The user’s visual experience.

However, if a layer of anti-glare glass is added to these displays to protect, it can effectively resist the reflected light of external light. Through the material of anti-glare glass and special process, it can cause the scattering of external light when it reaches the screen. In this way, when the user's eyes look at the screen, they will not be disturbed by the strong reflected light, but the screen light will be softer and clearer.

Anti-glare glass not only makes it easier for users to see the content on the screen when the outdoor light is more complicated. At the same time, this kind of anti-glare glass is very wear-resistant during use because of special processing, and it will not easily blur the screen, and it will not affect the inspiration of the touch screen at all. Fingerprints will be obvious during use, and it will be cleaned up. It's very simple, just wipe it directly.

In addition, the anti-glare glass also has the function of increasing the viewing angle and brightness of the display screen, making the image clearer, the color more colorful, and the color more saturated, thereby significantly improving the display effect.

In addition to the application of anti-glare glass to display screens and touch screens, it is also mainly used in mobile phones, advanced photo frames, electronic whiteboards, flat-screen TVs, rear projection TVs, TV splicing walls, industrial instrumentation, and other fields.

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