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What is the difference between touch screen display full lamination and frame lamination?

by:Toponetech     2021-10-17
In today's era of continuous technological innovation and development, a new generation of touch products has come, and more and more' target='_blank'>touch screens have appeared on the market, which has brought many changes to our lives and work. The touch screen bonding method is divided into two methods: full bonding and frame bonding. If a person who doesn't know how to use these two terms will definitely not know the difference between them, or the advantages and disadvantages of them may not be clear, the following editor will briefly explain it for everyone. 1. The characteristics of the fully-laminated display: The fully-laminated display is to completely glue the protective glass, touch screen, and display together in a seamless manner, omitting the air layer between the display and the touch screen, making the screen The thickness becomes thinner. The visual effect is perfectly presented, the appearance is more beautiful, the chance of dust entering is reduced, the picture is more transparent, the display effect is enhanced, and the screen is made thinner. In this way, the full fit is more aesthetic and practical. However, the yield rate of the full-fit technology is relatively low, the cost is relatively expensive, and once damaged, the entire screen needs to be replaced. 2. The characteristics of the framed display: The framed display uses double-sided adhesive to fix the touch screen and the four sides of the display panel. There is an air-filled gap between the display panel and the touch screen. The operation is relatively simple and the process is relatively mature. The mature technology and stable yield rate give the frame sticker the biggest advantage, cheap and simpler replacement method. It also has a feature that the screen is thick, and the overall body cannot be light or thin. There are gaps, and dust is the biggest enemy of existence. In addition, the reflection of the framed panel and glass is more obvious, and the display effect is relatively poor. Through the above content, I believe everyone has a very thorough understanding of the relationship between the two, right? The improvement of the full-fitting technology and the frame sticker is actually not one or two things. From the display effect to the off-screen look and feel and the gap dust, the full-fitting display is more dominant. Rongguan touch screen professional manufacturer customized, has rich industry experience, meticulous workmanship, high quality, strict quality management system, perfect after-sales service. Welcome to inquire:.
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