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What is the difference between smart meeting tablet and touch all-in-one PC?

by:Toponetech     2020-06-14
In today's era of the development of science and technology innovation, the living standard of people more and more is also high, touching all-in-one also for people's work and life has brought a lot of convenient, in the market application is also very hot, it can be seen in all fields. We explain for everybody below the smart tablet and what is the difference between touch all-in-one PC? One tablet, appearance different intelligent meeting mainly based on the liquid crystal TV model. Touching all-in-one main platform, presented in the form of receiving station. Second, the function of different tablets: 1, intelligent meeting is a projector, electronic whiteboard, audio, television, video conferencing terminals of a variety of functions in one, solved the files show in a meeting, audio and video, high-definition, whiteboard, file annotation, save, and share systematic meeting demand. 2, touch all-in-one: mainly is the collection of advanced touch screen, industrial control, computer technology as a whole, which can realize the public information query, according to customer's actual demand match with fingerprints, micro peripherals like printers, scanners, card reader, which can realize fingerprint attendance, credit card, printing and other specific requirements. Three, different application scenario for the smart tablet is mainly used in education, business, business meeting rooms; Touch all-in-one main application teaching, cinemas, restaurants and retail, etc. Crown teck touching all-in-one professional manufacturers custom, has rich experience, meticulous workmanship, superior quality, strict quality management system and perfect after-sales service.
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