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What is the difference between single and dual color led display?

by:Toponetech     2021-06-07
Abstract: To put it simply, the display colors are different, the single color displays a single color, and most of the single colors in the market refer to single red. The two colors are also called dual primary colors (red and green). The monochrome display has a single color. Take the indoor φ3 75 (Dot diameter), monochrome displays red, two-color displays red, green, and yellow. Monochrome packages have only red chips on the die. Simply put, the display colors are different, and the monochrome displays a single color. However, the market is large. Part of the single color refers to single red, and dual colors are also called dual primary colors (red and green). The single color displays a single color. Take the indoor φ3.75 (dot diameter) as an example, the single color displays red, and the dual colors display red, green, and red. There are three colors of yellow. The single color package has only red chips on the die, so it can only display red. The two-color die package has red and green chips, so it can display three colors. When red is on, it displays red and when green is on. Yellow is displayed when green, red, and green light up at the same time. From the back of the circuit, dual-primary colors have more than a single set of 595 driver chips to drive green. [] [two-color touch display] [PH10 full color display] [outdoor touch display]
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