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What is the difference between indoor LED display protection

by:Toponetech     2021-05-10
Indoor LED displays are much better than outdoor environments. They are not affected by high temperatures and have no special requirements for waterproofing. Indoor LED displays have high requirements for air humidity. In southern my country, it is necessary to strengthen ventilation measures during the return to the southern season. Maintain a dry environment before and after the indoor LED display screen. Indoor LED displays are usually hung on the wall, and some will keep a certain distance from the wall. For example, the stage background LED display will have a safe passage behind the stage, and special scenes will be hoisted, such as the center of a stadium or a large shopping mall. The indoor LED display in the center of the shopping mall will be hoisted, and various installation methods have special requirements for protection and maintenance. Indoor touch display There are two maintenance methods for indoor LED display. The common wall hanging usually adopts the front maintenance structure, which is convenient for installation and convenient for future maintenance. By removing the artifact from the screen, the front of the LED module can be removed to take out related accessories such as power supply and For the control system, if the indoor touch display adopts the post-maintenance method, it requires technicians to operate and maintain behind the touch display body. This method requires a maintenance channel to be reserved behind the LED display body.
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