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What is the difference between indoor conference LED display and conventional LED display

by:Toponetech     2021-05-09
What is the difference between conference room and conventional ? Photoelectric-conference room manufacturers Conference room LED screen prices Foreign end customers' large-scale use of small-pitch LED displays is still in its infancy, manufacturers And foreign engineering companies have greatly promoted the development and layout of small-pitch LED displays. In 2019, foreign countries will usher in an explosive growth of small-pitch LED displays. Optoelectronics-self-developed and mold-opening small-pitch products have been around for nearly one and a half years. Except for the indoor LED small-pitch displays made by most companies, optoelectronics-outdoor small-pitch products have worked hard and have been released. It has been tested in Taiwan, South Korea and other places for more than half a year, and the stability of the product has been widely recognized. Outdoor small-pitch products are widely used in outdoor LED advertising machines, outdoor high-speed toll station advertising screens, outdoor gas station advertising screens, car screens, etc. Outdoor P3 will also become the mainstream outdoor LED small-pitch display. The small indoor spacing is also a product that Maipu Guangcai is proud of. It adopts well-known brand lamp beads, which is not only stable, but also cost-effective is also recognized by foreign engineering companies, and its application fields are more extensive. Before the price of screen, traditional projectors were used in various conferences, but now more and more popular conference screens, the intuitive experience and effects of screens for everyone, are unmatched by other traditional projectors. of. What are the main model sizes of indoor conference LED displays? What are the components of the price? I believe everyone is more concerned about this, the editor of Optoelectronics below will answer it for you! Foshan Fulai Hotel meeting room manufacturers meeting room led large screen prices. The factors that determine the price of the conference room are as follows: 1. Screen price: that is, the price of the conference room display is ××yuan/square meter, and the selected materials are different, and the price is also different. (Including the cost of LED die, IC driver chip, power supply and LED cabinet) 2. Control system cost: that is to control the computer and the number of receiving cards and sending cards, the number needs to be determined according to the size of the in the conference room, and then calculated cost. 3. Auxiliary equipment costs: power distribution cabinets, computers, audio amplifiers, air conditioners, control cards, lightning arresters and LED video processors, etc. It can be selected according to requirements, and customers can purchase by themselves. Use, cheap and affordable! 4. Display screen playback software: including computer system software, as well as LED video playback software, etc., generally free of charge. 5. Steel frame structure cost: including manual installation cost. Generally, the cost of the steel frame column structure is higher than that of the wall installation structure. You can also request the manufacturer to provide the steel frame structure design drawings, and the customer can find the manufacturer to make it locally. 6. Transportation cost: the cost of logistics transportation is paid by the customer. 7. Installation cost: When the goods arrive at the scene, the technical engineer of the factory optoelectronics will come to help guide the installation and debugging. There is no charge for installation, but the general board and lodging expenses and round-trip travel expenses of the technical engineer are required. The above is about the model size and price related information in the meeting room. According to the experience of Optoelectronics-Xiaobian: The choice of the indoor meeting room model is mainly based on the viewing distance and the needs of the environment, as well as the display content requirements, environmental brightness, budget, etc. Comprehensive choice.
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