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What is the difference between G+G, G+P, G+F of capacitive touch screen

What is the difference between G+G, G+P, G+F of capacitive touch screen


1. This parameter belongs to the structural classification

The first letter is the surface material (also known as the upper layer), the second letter is the touch screen material (also known as the lower layer), the two fit together.

G+G: Surface tempered glass + GLASS material touch screen

G+P: Surface tempered glass + PC material touch screen

G+F: Surface tempered glass + FILM material touch screen

G+F touch screen

The capacitive touch screen is mainly composed of the lower sensor glass layer and the upper cover plate. Now there are two types of capacitive screens in the market:

The first is the sensor glass + tempered glass cover structure, referred to as G+G capacitive touch screen;

The second is the sensor glass + PET plastic cover structure, referred to as G+P capacitive touch screen.

G+G touch screen

The capacitive touch screen of Apple iPhone, iPad and some high-end Android tablets is of G+G structure, the bottom layer is touch glass, and the upper cover is tempered glass. At present, many low-end capacitive touch screen tablets on the market use G+P, a low-cost capacitive screens.

2. The difference between G+G and G+P

Advantages and disadvantages of G+G and G+P capacitive touch screens:

The advantages of G+G capacitive touch screen are hard and wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high light transmittance, smooth handling, and high reliability, while the advantages of G+P capacitive screen are low cost and simple process, but the disadvantages are also very prominent. No wear resistance, no corrosion resistance, poor light transmittance, sticky control feel, and poor reliability, which is almost the exact opposite of G+G capacitive touch screen.

 G+P touch screen

Advantages of G+G and G+P capacitive touch screens:


1) G+G capacitive screen advantage 1: hard and wear-resistant

The surface cover of the G+G capacitive touch screen is tempered glass, its surface is very hard, the hardness can reach more than 8H, as long as you do not use quartz, emery paper and other ultra-hard objects to grind, generally do not need to film or worry about scratches. The disadvantage is that the processing technology is difficult and the cost is high;


The surface of G+P capacitive touch screen is made of PET plastic, and its hardness is usually only 2~3H, which is quite soft. It is very easy to cause scratches in daily use. It must be filmed and carefully protected. Its advantages are simple process and low cost.


2) G+G capacitive screen advantage 2: corrosion resistance


The surface of G+P capacitive touch screen is plastic, which is easy to become hard, brittle and discolored under the action of acid, alkali, oily substances and sunlight. Therefore, it must be used with care to avoid contact with such substances. If used improperly, the surface will also produce white spots.

The tempered glass surface of the G+G capacitive screen is very corrosion-resistant, and it is not afraid of similar substances even strong acid and alkali at all. You can use it anywhere with confidence.


3) Advantage 3 of G+G capacitive screen: high light transmittance

The capacitive touch screen is not only used for operation, but more importantly, it is used to watch and enjoy the contents of the screen. The light transmittance of the G+G glass capacitive screen is as high as 91%, which has little effect on the screen image.

The light transmittance of the G+P PET cover is only 83%, the light loss is serious, the picture is inevitably low and dim, and the light transmittance of the PET cover will gradually decrease over time, which is also a fatal flaw of G+P capacitive screen.

4) Advantage 4 of G+G capacitive screen: smooth control

The glass screen of G+G is very smooth, and the fingers are like flowing water, and the control feel is very smooth; while the PET plastic of G+P is a kind of polymer material, the surface damping force is very large, the hand feels jerky and not smooth, which greatly affect operating experience.

5) The advantage of G+G capacitive screen five: high reliability

The cover plate of the G+G capacitive screen and the sensor glass are bonded using advanced optical glue and evacuated, the adhesion are very high and its service life is long; the G+P capacitive screen is bonded with PET's own chemical glue, the process is very simple, but the bonding reliability is not high.

The thermal expansion and contraction coefficients of the sensor tempered glass of the G+P capacitive screen and the PET plastic cover are very different. Under high temperature or low temperature, the G+P capacitive screen will be easily cracked due to the difference in the expansion coefficient, thus being scrapped.

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