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What is the difference between capacitive touch screen and resistive touch screen?

by:Toponetech     2021-10-28
In this era of continuous technological development and innovation, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, touch screens have also brought a lot of convenience to people's work and life, and the application in the market is also very hot. It can be seen in all fields. Silhouette. The following editor will show you what is the difference between capacitive touch screen and resistive touch screen? Resistive touch screen, only touch does not respond, you need to use the mobile phone pen to click to draw. Generally, the mobile phone needs to be equipped with a pen, and the screen is easy to scratch. Capacitive touch screens change the capacitance by touching and changing the electrolyte of the capacitor. When touched by the hand, the electrolyte changes and the capacitance changes, so the mobile phone responds. This type of mobile phone is not equipped with a mobile phone pen, and the screen is not easy to scratch. The most practical method of identification is to press and hold a picture on the capacitive touch screen mobile phone with two fingers, and at the same time, open or close the fingers to both sides, the picture will be enlarged or reduced, and at this point, the resistive touch screen Mobile phones can't do it. Resistive touch screens are commonly known as 'soft screens' and are mostly used in mobile phones with Windows Mobile systems; capacitive touch screens are commonly known as 'hard screens1. Resistive touch screen: pressure is required to make contact with each layer of the screen. You can use your fingers (even if you wear gloves), nails, stylus, etc. to operate. Supporting stylus is very important in the Asian market, where gesture and text recognition are valued. 2. Capacitive touch screen: The smallest contact from the surface of a charged finger can also activate the capacitive sensing system under the screen. Non-living objects, nails, and gloves are invalid. Handwriting recognition is more difficult. 1. Accuracy of resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen: 1. Resistive touch screen: the accuracy can reach at least a single display pixel, which can be seen when using a stylus. It is convenient for handwriting recognition and helps to operate under the interface with small control elements. 2. Capacitive touch screen: The theoretical accuracy can reach a few pixels, but in practice it will be limited by the finger contact area. This makes it difficult for users to accurately click on targets smaller than 1cm2. Second, the cost of resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen: 1. Resistive touch screen: very cheap. 2. Capacitive touch screens: Capacitive screens from different manufacturers are 10% to 50% more expensive than resistive screens. This extra cost doesn't matter to flagship products, but it may discourage mid-priced phones. 3. Multi-touch feasibility of resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen: 1. Resistive touch screen: impossible, unless the circuit connection between the resistive screen and the machine is reorganized. 2. Capacitive touch screen: Depends on the implementation method and software, it has been implemented in the G1 technology demonstration and on the iPhone. The 1.7T version of G1 can already realize the multi-touch feature of the browser. Rongguan is a professional custom manufacturer of capacitive touch screens, focusing on non-standard customization. .
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