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What Is the Difference Between A Touch All-in-One Computers and An Ordinary Computer?

What Is the Difference Between A Touch All-in-One Computers and An Ordinary Computer?


In addition to projected capacitive touch screens and touch monitors, touch all-in-one computer are also products produced and sold by Top One Tech. After receiving many messages about touch all-in-one computers from customers, the question we have been asked the most is: What is the difference between touch all-in-one computers and ordinary computers?

The Difference Between A Touch All-in-One Computers and An Ordinary Computer

Before getting to know the touch all-in-one computer, let's first understand the definition of touch all-in-one. The touch all-in-one computer, called the all-in-one computer touch screen, is a common touch device in many fields. It can meet the needs of complex field environments and long-term stable operation according to needs. With the rapid advancement of intelligence, touch all-in-one computers are often used in rail transit, networks, communications, medical equipment, self-service terminals, finance, vehicle equipment, electricity, machine vision, video surveillance and other fields.

 touch all-in-one computers

Although touch all-in-one computer is also a kind of computer product, it is quite different from traditional computer products. We distinguish it from the five aspects of appearance, configuration, production process, function, and application:

The first is appearance. Ordinary computer products are also diverse, including all-in-one computers, desktop computers, and notebook computers. Their common sizes range from 11 inches to 42 inches, and they are generally placed on the desktop for personal or family use; The touch all-in-one computer breaks through the size limit, the size can range from 7 inches to 98 inches, and can even be customized larger. Depending on the size, it can also be placed in a wall-mounted, floor-standing, mobile and other ways.

With the touch all-in-one computer, we can produce different shapes, such as rectangles, triangles, and special shapes, according to the different shape requirements of the use scene.

Second, configuration. Ordinary all-in-one computers are basically LCD screens, host computers, plus keyboard and mouse for operation. For notebooks, these are all combined. The touch all-in-one computer is mainly composed of three parts: LCD screen, touch screen, and computer host. According to application requirements, some other hardware devices or external devices will be installed.


Third, the manufacturing process. Ordinary all-in-one computers do not have very high requirements on the quality of the hardware raw materials used and the production process. The touch all-in-one computers are different, they are all built in accordance with industrial-grade requirements, regardless of the quality of hardware raw materials, installation steps or production processes are very strict.


Fourth, function. Ordinary all-in-one computer requires the use of an external keyboard and mouse, while the touch all-in-one computer abandons the mouse and keyboard. After connecting and powering up, people only need to use their fingers to touch on the screen to complete the operation, which is more convenient, simple and fast . The function development direction of the touch all-in-one computer is more than that of the ordinary computer.

Fifth, application. Ordinary all-in-one computers are generally used for home or office purposes. The touch all-in-one computer has a wide range of uses, and is widely used in teaching, conferences, exhibitions, queries, and so on.


All in all, with the progress of mankind and the development of technology, the application range of touch all-in-one computers will become wider and wider, and the use of ordinary computers will gradually shrink to a certain range.

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