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What is the development trend of the LED display industry? We look forward to

by:Toponetech     2021-06-14
In recent years, the LED display industry pattern has been relatively stable. Companies led by listed companies and large manufacturers are still at the forefront of the industry, followed by a number of medium-sized companies and many small manufacturers, showing a ladder-like industry pattern. The strong one is Hengqiang. Today, as the influence of capital is gradually deepening, the gap between companies with deep accumulation of funds and other companies is gradually widening; on the other hand, the rapid development of market segments in the market has led to the growth of a number of new brands; along with Technological innovation promotes the expansion of the application level, and also attracts new brands to join the bureau. What kind of changes will the LED display manufacturing industry structure bring? One side: After the six listed companies in the industry have completed the A-share listing, they will be indispensable for the industry's leading companies. In addition to its strong strength to support the development of listing, the advantages of capital, corporate image, brand credibility and other aspects brought about by listing can not only support its investment in various fields and increase capital layout, and strengthen itself Strength can also attract government projects and large customers with a more reliable image and sufficient funds. It is also more beneficial in attracting talents and increasing employee benefits. It is also the advantages in many aspects that enable these listed companies to stand firm in the development of the industry for many years, and gradually widen the gap with other companies. Nowadays, most of these listed companies have strengthened their position in the industry and increased their profits by expanding production, operating multiple types of products, and cross-border development. At the same time, although some companies are not listed, their years of development and accumulation are also at the forefront of the industry. This type of company is dominated by market and customer resource advantages, but it also has the human and financial resources to deploy industry-leading technologies. However, in recent years, the development of this type of enterprise has changed greatly, and it is still unknown who will occupy the mid-market and the second echelon of the industry in the future. 2. The rise of subdivided enterprises and the technical strength of professional brands should not be underestimated: In recent years, the types of touch display screens have become more and more clear, and the development of different types of LED display screens is not the same. Looking back on 2018, the more traditional types of stage rental screens are full of vitality, and the emerging transparent LED displays are also very rewarding. Generally speaking, the market development in the segmented areas is good, which has also led to the rapid growth of some products focusing on the segmented areas. Different from traditional comprehensive companies, companies that focus on subdivisions focus more on technology and brand building, and are more inclined to deepen the high-end market and customized engineering orders, highlighting the value of the brand with more eye-catching cases. The market in the segment is relatively small, and the product series sold by the company is also relatively limited. Therefore, it is necessary to intensively cultivate products and continuously optimize and upgrade to maintain differentiation and competitiveness in order to ensure market share and industry status. Under this influence, brands with fast-growing and well-recognized strengths in subdivisions have more technical reserves than ordinary industry companies. In the future, these companies may also come to the fore and become members of the second echelon of the industry. 3. New applications have great potential. International manufacturers should start from scratch or join the war? Some analysts believe that Samsung and other international manufacturers can join the movie screen market, or open new application markets for the industry. After Samsung pave the way, other LED display manufacturers will join. Will be easier. In the industry, or because few companies have contact with the market in this field, the news seems to have received mediocre response. It is true that Samsung's layout of movie screens can really make a name for the application of small-pitch LED displays in movie theaters, but if touch display manufacturers join the market in the future, it will become a competition between Samsung and LED display manufacturers. Moreover, although Samsung has entered the small-pitch LED market in a new way, it does not mean that it will not join the market in other application areas. The development of the LED display industry is like sailing against the current. Time has entered 2018, and the industry is still undergoing continuous reshuffle. Who can continue to maintain the leading position in the industry, and who can highlight the encirclement and enter the first and second echelons? In the ever-changing display market, it's really hard to say, but it's a little bit certain. Whoever can make products with heart as always will be affirmed by customers and the market.
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