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What is the charge for repairing the led display?

by:Toponetech     2021-04-20
City Technology Co., Ltd. is a company with one-stop service for Ru0026D, production, sales, installation and maintenance. The indoor company serves customers in the following aspects: 1. Undertake the installation of large outdoor LED displays, maintenance of led displays, and repair of led displays. 2. Indoor full-color repair, indoor full-color repair, indoor full-color package annual maintenance. 3. The production, installation, debugging, maintenance of the door screen, and annual maintenance. There are several phenomena that indoor is often broken: half of the is bright and half is not bright. In this case, the power supply is basically broken. Why is the power supply often broken? First of all, because the load is too large, the power supply will heat up for a long time, because the power supply is inside the display screen, and the heat dissipation is not good, which will cause the components to be burned at high temperature for a long time. There is also the quality problem of the power supply itself, followed by the short circuit between the display and the power supply, such as long-term use, a large amount of dust falls on the display, and the short circuit caused by the dust when it rains. What's the problem with the whole screen of not bright? First of all, if it is a monochrome , it is likely that the first power supply is broken, or it may be a problem with the control card. Of course, it is also possible that the entire display is not powered on. How to solve the problem of the screen? Huaping generally has more full-color displays. There are generally several situations for Huaping. There are no parameters on the control card, the chip of the module is broken (such as 245), the control card parameter setting is wrong, the cable is broken, etc. Indoor leds Display The company’s professional technicians who repair led displays have more than 8 years of technical experience. Customers can take photos and send them in. According to the photos, they can make a quotation to judge the damage of the display. If the photos cannot be judged, the city can be free of charge. On-site inspection.

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