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What Is SMDT?

What Is SMDT?


SMDT is the abbreviation of Smart Management Discern Technology, and it can also be called face recognition technology. It is a kind of biometrics technology for identity recognition based on human facial features. A series of related technologies that use cameras or cameras to collect images or video streams containing human faces, and automatically detect and track human faces in the images, and then perform face detection on the detected faces are also commonly called face recognition and facial recognition.


TopOneTech’s smart face attendance is based on the self-developed deep learning capability of Smart Management Discern Technology, providing face detection, face 1: 1 comparison, face search and other capabilities. It can be flexibly applied to various enterprise attendance management scenarios to meet business needs such as corporate identity verification, face attendance, and gate access, bringing more efficient and intelligent office and management methods for enterprises, while providing modern Internet and high-tech Office equipment.


Four characteristics of TopOneTech’s Smart Management Discern Technology:



Intelligent face recognition attendance, enhance enterprise information management of employees.



Support multiple people to recognize at the same time, without queuing to punch cards.



Attendance data is uploaded to the cloud synchronously, real-time online viewing, management is easier.



Accurate identity recognition and extremely fast identity authentication can effectively prevent cheating such as card punching.

The application of face attendance provides enterprises with support for mobile attendance and face recognition attendance. To ensure the accuracy of the identification of the sign-in personnel and achieve extremely fast authentication.


Effectively prevent cheating on behalf of punching cards and more secure. Enhance the management of enterprise informationized employees and make them more intelligent. One-click export of attendance statistics, paperless speed office, more efficient.


Taking government institutions, campuses, and enterprise parks as examples, based on the nature of the industry in which the enterprise is located, taking security prevention and intelligent services as the core, based on face recognition technology and big data technology, face recognition is widely used in access control, employee attendance , Access control, dining, visitor management, conference sign-in and other application scenarios.


Realize intelligent park security, office intelligence and operation management intelligence, leading the park into a new era of AI monitoring. It is suitable for scenes such as offices, entrances and exits, entrances to parks, building halls, classrooms, elevators, etc. Realize precise management, trajectory description, and abnormal alarms for people-passing areas, and realize intelligent application of security based on AI technology, and realize more efficient operation of the park through unconscious recognition and automatic information flow.


According to the characteristics of the enterprise, TopOneTech provides core business such as attendance management, organization of personnel, mobile office, off-site management and intelligent computing, and creates an OA service cloud platform suitable for enterprise management. It is committed to providing high-quality, convenient and low-cost information management for SMEs Management approach.

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