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What is an LED grille screen?

by:Toponetech     2021-05-23
LED grid display, strip, hollow, transparent product form, also known as curtain screen, screen curtain wall, etc., due to its light weight, small wind load, flexible installation, etc., it has more flexible applications, It is usually used for building exterior walls and stage LED rental screens. It is a new generation of outdoor touch display products, especially suitable for building super-large outdoor displays. The large LED screen is light in weight and small in wind load, suitable for large displays. The weight is 60%-80% lighter than the traditional touch display, which greatly reduces the strength and weight of the display infrastructure. It is especially suitable for building large-size LED displays, with a penetration rate of 40%-50%. It has strong wind resistance. Effectively reduce the wind load, and further reduce the strength and weight of the touch display infrastructure. The structure is simple, the installation is convenient, and the maintenance is convenient. Due to the small number of components, it can be easily attached to the wall without causing damage to the wall and foundation. According to need, it can easily realize pre-maintenance or post-maintenance. If the pre-maintenance mode is adopted, no maintenance access is required. Good self-heating system, no need to install air conditioner for heat dissipation. Each LED strip is made of aluminum alloy material, and the surroundings are transparent, which can realize good self-heating. At the same time, the power supply, control, etc. are isolated from the lighting materials, and there is no need to configure a heat dissipation system like traditional LED screens. Highly integrated polished rod structure, high product stability. The unique electronic circuit design reduces the number of light strips. Every 16 strips share a set of power and signal plugs. Under the same conditions, the probability of blockage is reduced by 94%. The control box is integrated with the installation structure. The control box is both part of the screen and part of the structure. The screen structure is greatly simplified, and any connectors and wires are not visible on the screen. It is not only beautiful, but also greatly improves the stability of the screen. High brightness, high refresh, high gray, can be played during the day.
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