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What is a virtual technology LED display

by:Toponetech     2021-01-31
LED is corresponding to the virtual screen, in simple terms, real pixel screen is refers to constitute the red, green and blue each of the three light-emitting tube is luminous tube only participate in a pixel imaging using, in order to obtain enough brightness. Common virtual P16 led display, PH20 virtual touch display screens, and virtual P25touch display. Virtual screen is to use the software algorithm control each color light-emitting tube eventually involved in multiple imaging of adjacent pixels, so that with less tubes for larger resolution, can make the display resolution of about four times. As we all know, the cost of display the biggest lies in tubes, how to in the case of no loss of brightness for the user to save the cost of the tubes, is one of the target of display technology. And virtual technology is a developing direction. And virtual technology also is not simple tube in imaging, for brightness, the influence of the gray scale is very big. This requires and driving chip control system, using software algorithm combined with the response time of the driver chip, to achieve the basic condition brightness under the premise of the purpose of saving the cost of tubes. Generally speaking, the indoor is less than the P8, virtual led display outdoor is less than the P12 can't do it, only have enough space to separate two red lights, can realize the virtual led large screen. 1 r1g1b is unable to make the virtual screen. Small make up is a company specializing in the production of . Its representative products are S goddess appearance, powerful elf X series, etc. Welcome you to come to discuss.
that kind of outdoor are there?
in small make up indoor , for example there are mainly the P2. 5, p3, p4, p5, p6 its physical point spacing is different, the pixel density is different, the display effect will be different. Finally according to customer demand, product application environment, viewing distance and so on to make plan.
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